Self Publishing Books Can Get You Past the Recession

Having an internet business can really shore up the income for anyone who wants just a little more money for their time.  It isn’t surprising that people would be looking for more sources of income – the financial crisis looms far beyond the horizon, with no magical solution in sight. People getting fired or otherwise removed from work left and right.  Working hard is no longer working as well as it should.  This is the time to work smart.

Most internet businesses in fact revolve around selling a particular product. For most people, producing or creating a product worth selling requires enormous amounts of capital to truly make the best out of.  Luckily, thanks to the nature and concept of said internet, there are products worth selling that don’t require capital, factories and sometimes even any sort of delivery system beyond email.

The solution: self publishing ebooks.

Ebooks, or electronic books are exactly what it suggests – a digital or digitized book.  Formats can vary, from the standard Word file to the more commonly used PDFs, but they all carry some common advantages.  For example, a thousand books would pretty much be impossible to carry by one’s lonesome.  Selling those books would require shipping, which would cost more money and would demand more of you.

A thousand ebooks could fit within a single DVD or flash drive.  Millions, perhaps, depending on the size of the ebooks themselves. This means that even a cheap hosting account could store products that make you big money.

While books and paper will never truly lose their audience, some people were born, live and cannot live without their electronics and gadgetry. This connection with these electronic innovations allows them to read anywhere they want, whatever they want – truly a fantastic gift for people on the go who don’t want to lug around big and dusty tomes or wait for information to come in the mail.

If you’re still wondering, that basically means that there’s a massive market out there for a smart entrepreneur to take advantage of.  A massive market of internet connected people with money in their pockets. They want a more convenient method of correlating and cross-referencing data – or at least, want something they could read on their break that isn’t related to work.

There’s money to be made here and there’s room to breathe too.

A single ebook could be sold an infinite number of times.  Without the need for repeated printing and the costs associated with it, the money made from a single ebook could properly be maximized in a way that a print book could not be.  This means you could make an enormous return on investment without even flinching, more so if you have a ghostwriting or copywriting deal with writers that you hire.

The economy’s looking terrible and no matter how charming or intelligent our leaders are, chances are it’s going to last for another few years.  That does not mean that there are no opportunities to be made.  That does not mean that you cannot make as much money as you used to.  It’ll require a lot of work and a lot of smarts, but running an internet business with ebooks could make you a lot of money if done correctly.

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Author: Robert Boyd
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