Become A Published Author – How To Write and Publish More Books By Writing Every Day

Writers write. That’s what I learned from a friend of mine who wanted to write back in the 1980’s. He always carried a notebook and a pen with him anywhere he went, and when someone would ask him what he was doing when he took it out to make some notes, he would answer them with those two words. I guess that had an impact on me, because now I do the exact same thing. And, as for my friend, he has gone on to write many things, including two non-fiction books, a mystery novel, and a screenplay. When he heard that I had become an author, he sent me a thoughtful card and a gift to commemorate the occasion.

If you want to write, you must start writing every single day. In 2007 I challenged myself to write one hundred articles during the following one hundred days. The first few days of this challenge were brutal, but once I got into the habit of writing it was wonderful. I believe it took about a month for this to happen, so if you are willing to spend an hour each day for the next thirty days, you, too, can become a writer.

Once I made the decision to publish books on a variety of topics, I went from writing an article each day, which is about four hundred words, to writing about one thousand words each day. These are typically sections of the book I am currently working on, but this may also include short articles to be submitted to the directories, blog posts, short reports, and eBooks. Everything I write will be eventually repurposed into another format, so it’s almost as though as get two or three times the value of everything I am writing about. You can do the same exact thing to increase your writing productivity.

Make the decision to incorporate writing into your daily life and business. Choose topics that you will be able to write about easily, making it more fun to do. Then get serious about writing and publishing so that you will soon become an author and an expert in your field. Remember that the word author comes from the word authority, so this can be an amazing way to change your life forever.

You will find that opportunities will present themselves in a way you never could have imagined, once you take the step to becoming a published author.

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Bypassing the Traditional Roadblocks and Getting Your eBook Published Quickly and Easily

There are a lot of people who get involved with the e-book publishing business every year. The reason they get involved with this business is because it allows them to overcome many of the traditional challenges that are faced by people who try to get their manuscripts published through conventional channels. It away, the e-book publishing business is something of a hybrid. In many ways it is a lot like the traditional publishing business. However, you are in control of the process. This is both a blessing and a curse. The overwhelming majority of people who consider themselves to be authors typically lack the entrepreneurial and business acumen necessary to successfully self publish their own manuscript as an e-book you.

That’s why I highly recommend that if you are interested in getting involved with e-books self-publishing that you obtain a training course that teaches you everything you need to know about the process. I’m sure were you get a training course from — there are quite a few of them out there. What I would suggest, however, is that you carefully inspect any training course before purchasing it. Make sure that the individual or company offering a training course knows what they are talking about.

Once you understand the power of e-book publishing, you will soon understand why so many aspiring authors are gravitating away from traditional publishing channels and striking out on their own with their own independent e-book titles. It goes without saying that you can make a lot of money when you are primarily in control of the publishing process. Trust me, the advantages of getting involved with the e-book publishing business from the perspective of an author/entrepreneur are enormous.

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Write and Sell Ebooks Online: 6 Reasons It’s Easier Than Ever to Self-Publish and Make a Profit

I write and sell ebooks online for a living. I published my first ebook in 2004. To date, I’ve written and self-published 18 titles. Anyone who wants to can do this. Why? Because what I call the “eSelf-Publishing” world has evolved a lot since 2004.

One of the biggest changes has been the explosion of e-readers (eg, the Kindle, iPad and Nook). These little devices have made reading on electronic devices more popular than ever. And this is just the beginning. For those who are ambitious and hardworking enough, starting an online business writing and selling ebooks can be one of the most lucrative enterprises of the 21st century. The following 6 reasons detail why.

6 Reasons to Write and Sell Ebooks Online

The following changes highlight why there are more reasons than ever to write ebooks and self-publish them if it’s something you’ve been wanting to do.

I. EPubs Outselling Hardcovers: In July 2010, online bookseller Amazon reported sales of ebooks for its proprietary Kindle outnumbered sales of hardcover books for the first time ever during the second quarter of 2010, saying it sold 140 e-books for every 100 hardcover books, including hardcovers for which there was no digital edition. [Source: Wikipedia]

II. Bestseller List: In an acknowledgment of the growing sales and influence of digital publishing, The New York Times said on Wednesday that it would publish e-book best-seller lists in fiction and nonfiction beginning early next year. [Source: Times Will Rank E-Book Best Sellers, The New York Times, 11/10/2010]

III. Sales Explosion: U.S. consumers are projected to spend $1 billion in e-books this year, according to a recent report from Forrester, who also expects that sales will surpass $3 billion by 2015. [Source: “The New York Times” to Launch Bestseller Lists for E-Books, Mashable website]

IV. Free to Publish: When I first looked into publishing my titles on Amazon in 2007, you had to have an ISBN number. They cost was somewhere around $150. I put it off ostensibly to “get to” later. And of course, I never did.

Now, you don’t need an ISBN number to publish, write and sell ebooks ebook on Amazon. It’s 100% free. All you have to do is upload your file.

V. Forget Traditional Publishers: In traditional publishing, author’s get around 17% of a book’s cover price – yes 17%. Usually, publishes get over half, and the distributors get another 25-30%. So, it leaves you, the writer/author, with very little profits.

But with ebook publishing, you don’t have to wait to be signed and published by a big name publisher. You can actually sell fewer ebooks and do quite well for yourself because you keep all the money.

VI. Make More Money: This year [2010], more than 50% of my income came from ebook sales (I’m a freelance writer). The more I write and publish, the more money I make. With 32 new titles planned for next year, and writing with this in mind, I only expect this to increase.

What I hope you’re beginning to understand is that if you want to write and sell ebooks online for a living, now has never been a better time to take the plunge.

May be reprinted with the following, in full: Yuwanda Black is a prolific ebook writer and publisher. She says, “There’s no better feeling than being able to make money writing what you want, when you want — and make money doing it.” Did you know that you can write and publish an ebook, and start getting sales within a week — really? Learn how in the Inkwell Editorial Ebook Writing and Self-PublishingTournament. One participant sold 14 ebooks in less than 24 hours! You can take the knowledge you learn and write and sell ebooks online for years to come.

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How To Publish Your Own Book And Save Money

A book being published by its author is not a new concept. It is practiced for the various reasons discussed here. To find out how to publish the book on one’s own economically, first let us look at what are the needs behind a self-publishing venture.

Sometimes an author wants to have complete control over the editorial process. It is also possible that a manuscript is ignored by many publishers, especially when the author is relatively unknown. If the book has an interesting subject, but limited target readership, the publishers might turn it down. Self-publishing remains the solution in that case.

There is a possibility of publishers declining to publish your work if the subject of your work appears controversial. It is also possible that an author might be so sure of the success of the book, yet does not wish to let go of the substantial part of the profits to the publisher. Self-publishing and promoting the book yourself gives you, the author, 100% of the profit.

The following suggestions will help you save money on publishing expenses.

Make your book available in print as well as eBook form. It is possible to get more customers for your book if it is made available in hard copy, as well as soft copy (ebook). An eBook costs next to nothing as compared to conventional printing. It may be possible to generate many sales by offering your eBook at a lower price than the print copy.

In addition, when the customers confirm an order for such print plus eBook offers, you can determine the exact number of copies that need to be printed. This saves you from having to spend money on unsold inventory.

Cutting costs at production level

Consider prepress expenses such as copy-editing and proofreading. If you have expertise in editing or proofreading, then rather than employing the services of a professional, do it yourself, or seek the help of family members, friends or colleagues who can offer their expertise. A word of caution, though, make sure there are absolutely no mistakes or errors before printing, as you will have to reprint later in order to change anything.

Make your book part of some other marketing program

Try to find any commercial organization that will use your book as a part of their marketing program. It is possible to market your book to such enterprises if the subject of the book is relevant to their products. By successfully marketing your book for their own marketing schemes, they help you to cover the production expenses with an advance payment.

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Publishing – Self-Published Authors

When we read a blog, can we safely say that its author is a self-published writer? And the answer is yes: we can safely say that the author of a blog is a self-published writer. That means that anyone could become a writer online and that includes you! All you need is a blog (hosted on a free domain, but preferably on your domain to avoid any data loss) and the will to succeed.

A blog is a space where an author can publish his/her thoughts. It doesn’t matter why people blog. Whether they blog for fun or for financial revenue (generated through AdSense ads, other ads, paid entries etc) all blog authors are self-published authors.

Successful bloggers are powerful bloggers. They are consultants for other bloggers, for businesses that want to achieve similar online recognition and so on. These people prove that blogging could be the path to a successful career. All you need is a brilliant idea, dedication and perseverance.

Some young talented writers start a blog hoping that a publisher will discover their art online and make them an offer for a hard cover chance. Many of these authors blog daily just to collect their entries and turn them into a book or an eBook using a free publishing service such as the ones offered by Lulu. Then they offer their work for free or for a small fee, or they start a slid marketing campaign to sell it both online and offline. Some are really successful. Others still spend their time online trying to make it to the top of the search engines and to become the crème de la crème of the blogosphere.

There are so many wonderful poems and literary works online waiting for you to discover them! All you need to do is start browsing the blogosphere or some high quality article directories like Associated Content or Ezine Articles.

Some bloggers consider their blogs private spaces. Yet they should understand that a blog becomes public if it is cached in a search engine and submitted to some directories, if it’s a part of any blogger community or interlinked with any other blog or website. So even a “private” blogger is a self-published author.

Self-publishing doesn’t refer solely to literary work and words. Publish your artwork and photography online and guess what: you become a self-published author. Any original contribution you sign with your real name or with a pseudonym and publish online wears your copyright and it’s your sole responsibility. Even when you choose to hire a ghostwriter, once the deal is done, if you were not smart enough to check the accuracy and originality of the content you paid for, you become responsible for what you publish.

Practically, self-publishing means that you publish your work alone – without being paid in advance by a traditional publishing house for your work.

The Web is full of surprises. HowStuffWorks started out as a collection of self published articles on how stuff works. Today this is a billion dollars business. I’ll not waste your time with similar examples. Have a brilliant idea and you’ll reach fame in no time, even in such a highly competitive world as the WWW!

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