Interviews are a great way to share more about yourself as an author. There are different types of interviews, some are written, some could be verbal as on a radio show, still others could be live as on a television show. Some of my interviews have been written and posted on different blogs and others have been on online radio shows. Have you ever done an interview? It is nothing to be afraid of, in fact they are pretty easy.

Usually, the person who is interviewing you will send you a list of questions. All you have to do is write your response to the questions and send the interview back to them. They will post it on their website or schedule a time for a verbal interview on a radio show.

It is great if you have them send the link to you when they post it so you both can promote the interview. Post messages on all your social networks to your friends and followers such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Goodreads, etc.

Doing interviews helps spread your message and share your books with other audiences. The more you can spread your message the more exposure you can get and the more readers you can connect with.

If you are the interviewer don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. But, be respectful, if someone doesn’t want to discuss something don’t push the issue. Also, if someone tells you something but says it is off the record don’t publish it. We have to respect the privacy of others while giving the public the information they want to know.

I have posted some of my interviews on my website so you can see them. I hope you enjoy reading them and learning a little bit more about me as a person and as an author. I hope you will also learn from them so you can do your own interviews.

If you are a Christian author who would like to be interviewed on my Author Interview series please contact me.

If you are an interviewer who would like to interview me on your blog or radio show please contact me as well.

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