Writing articles is a good way to expose yourself as an author to other audiences. Deborah’s articles have been published in Living Better at 50+ Online Women’s Magazine in the Women of Wisdom Section, and on other friend and acquaintances blogs and websites.

Deborah enjoys writing articles and sharing them with new audiences. Some of the articles she has written are: My Testimony, Seasons of Our Lives, Beatitudes, and God’s Timing is Perfect, The Greatest Gift of All, This Baby was Jesus, What are your Christmas Traditions, and Write the Vision, Make it Plain. See the individual pages to view an excerpt from the article or the entire article and get the link where the articles are published.

Another place you can post articles is Ezine Articles. Most places will let you put a brief biography at the bottom of your page, a picture and a link to your main website. If you haven’t written an Article yet, you should try it. You will be glad you did. If you have written articles, leave a comment and share with us some of the places you have posted your articles.

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