Daily Bible Reading “Husbands Love Your Wives” (Colossians 3:19)

Colossians 3 19Husbands Love Your Wives

Today’s Daily Bible Reading is from Colossians 3:19. Colossians 3:19: “Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.”

Do you find it funny that in the same Scripture that talks about husbands loving their wives also tells them not to be bitter against them? Do you think this may be a problem? We are going to look at those two words, love and bitter, to see what they mean, according to the Blue Letter Bible Dictionary.

To welcome
To entertain
To be contented with
To be well pleased with
To be fond of
To love dearly

To render anger
To be indignant
To be embittered
To be irritated
To grieve
To deal bitterly with

This particular Scripture is for husbands, but it would probably do us all good to take heed to its instruction. Sometimes in the husband-wife relationship, with the trials of life, if we aren’t careful we can let bitterness, anger, and discontentment creep in.

The husband-wife relationship is one of the most important relationships we have here on this earth, besides our relationship with the Lord. How we interact with each other is an example to our children as to how they should interact with others.

Sometimes we have more patience and tolerance with our friends or co-workers than we do with our own families. When we live in the house day after day with people, over time it is easy to take them for granted. Sometimes the smallest things will start to get on our nerves and we will lose our patience with each other. We need to be alert as to how we treat each other.

In our minds, if we go back to the day we were married. Remember some of the reasons we fell in love to begin with. It is a good idea to write down some of the things we love about our spouses and read them occasionally to remind ourselves why we fell in love and why we chose this person to share our life. Also, as time goes on and we mature in our relationships, the relationship may change, but the underlying reasons for love are still there.

We need to remember we aren’t promised tomorrow and we never know what the future may bring in our lives and in our homes. Try to remember this Scripture and strive to love more and to be less bitter.

Things to think about:

  • What are some of the definitions of love?
  • How do you practice love?
  • What are some of the definitions of bitter?
  • How do you show bitterness in your marriage?
  • How can we make our relationships better?


Prayer of the Day:

Dear God,

As we read this Scripture we see the importance of loving each other and not being bitter against our spouses. Help us, Lord, as we live, to practice this principal. Help us to be more loving. Help us to be less angry, bitter, intolerant, and irritated. Help us to show a Christ-like love for our spouses. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Excerpt from God Is Love ~ Deborah H. Bateman


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