Start Your Own 6-Figure Self-Publishing Empire

Many people want to write a book, or write several books or become a full-time author. And with this digital age of printing there’s never been a better time or an easier way to become a self-published author. And once you know what to do you can turn your books into your own 6-figure publishing empire.

But where do you start? Well first of all you need to write a book. Most people will say that they don’t have time to write a book. But everyone has time to write a book. We all have 24 hours in every day – the exact same 24 hours. The only difference is what you do with it. Just getting rid of your TV set can give you up to 50 extra hours to write every week.

And if you can write a letter, you can write a book. You just need to write a series of articles, turn the articles into chapters and voila! You have your book.

So, once your first book is written you then need to self-publish it. To do this you need to use a digital POD company that will print your book and distribute it as it’s ordered. This way you don’t have to worry about printing and warehousing thousands of copies of your book and the whole ordering/printing/packing/shipping process can be automated for you. And thousands of online book stores across the globe will happily list your book.

Or you can contact other publishing companies and ask them if you can use their distribution company to sell your books. Many publishing companies will do this, even the really big companies. But they can charge a lot, sometimes up to 70% of your profits. But if you can sell tens-of-thousands of copies of your book this way, then it could be worth it.

Next you need to market your book to let everyone know it’s out there. You can use press release companies to do this or you can do it yourself for free by writing articles on your book’s subject and sending them to websites and magazines. You can also write up your own marketing material which includes all the information about your book, including number of pages, benefits of reading the book, where it can be purchased/ordered, etc.

Then get a list of book store and library supply company addresses (and newspaper and magazine addresses too) and mail out your advertising material to them. You don’t even have to send it out all at once. Just send out half a dozen or so at a time. That way you can be marketing all year round.

Then you need to set up a website. To do it the cheapest way it’s best to take a course in webpage design and learn all about HTML, etc. That way you can be completely in charge of your website and update and add to it whenever you want, at no extra cost.

Fill your website with content related to your book. Write and upload free articles and short reports. Join affiliate programs and sell other companies products for commission payments. And put up plenty of links to your book.

You could also write articles to post on article directory websites with a link back to your site. If you write articles regularly, and they’re good articles, other website owners will also download them and publish them on their websites too. And then before you know it your name and your book will be known all over the world.

But don’t just stick at writing books. You could write eBooks too or sell your book as an eBook version as well. Your eBook could also be sold through other eBook websites such as or and even

This way your profits can explode beyond your wildest expectations.

Just look at it this way. Say you published print 6 books 6 eBooks every year and you made $10 profit on each book. If you sell 500 copies of each book every year you’d earn $60,000 a year. If you sold 1,000 copies of each book every year you’d earn $120,000. That’s a 6-figure income!

And if you kept on writing and publishing at this rate you’d have written and published 18 print books and 18 eBooks in 3 years and so if you sold 500 copies of each book you’d earn $180,000 and if you sold 1,000 copies of each you’d earn a staggering $360,000 a year.

Plus you’d earn all the other income from your website such as affiliate commissions. And if you put pay-per-click advertising on your website, such as Google Ads, you’d earn revenue from that too.

And as a writer you’re able to open as many websites as you want. For instance, if you open a website about healthy eating, you could write and sell recipe books from your site. You could also advertise fitness clubs, gym equipment, other online websites selling health-related products, and earn affiliate commissions from them all.

And remember that all this is “passive income”. This means that you can be earning money every day without having to work for it because once you write a book it just keeps on selling and you keep getting paid.

That’s the beauty of being a writer in the 21st Century. You can use the internet to build your own self-publishing empire. Other internet entrepreneurs have to pay writers to write their website’s content. But a writer, you can do it yourself for free. This gives you a much better edge to help you to achieve your goal of becoming a wealthy self-published author.

And the best thing about being an author is that is a job that you never have to retire from.

Ruth Barringham is succesful writer, author and publisher and runs two web sites for writers. is a web site for freelance writers and Self-Publish Worldwide is a website full of information on all areas of self publishing. So if your interested in writing or publishing, or both, visit these two web sites. You can also sign up for the free monthly newsletter at and receive the free eBook ‘Become a Freelance Writing Success’ when you subscribe, or download a free self publishing report at Self-Publish Worldwide. Or why not do both? After all – they’re free!

Author: Ruth Barringham
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Prof. Servan-Schreiber’s Moving Story on Fighting Cancer

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