The Rise of eBooks in the Digital Publishing World

No one was able to believe that the publishing world would change so much in such a short amount of time. However the rise of eBooks in the digital publishing world has forever changed the landscape of publishing.

Think back to a time before the internet. It’s hard to imagine now that our lives are surrounded by it, but there was a time when we didn’t rely so heavily on technology. Now we can reach the internet on cell-phones and access it with our laptops almost wherever we go. Believe it or not, there were eBooks when the internet first started becoming popular, but they were not practical at the beginning. Before the days of wireless hot-spots and wired coffee shops, getting an eBook meant sitting at home in front of your computer and reading the book you just purchased. Many people were bothered by the brightness of the screen and many more were disappointed at not being able to interact with the book. These were just two of the main reasons why eBooks didn’t start out as popular as they are today.

With those issues in mind, there were several devices created that made getting an eBook more like having an actual book in your hands. This innovation alone spurred the popularity of eBooks everywhere. These devices made it possible to interact with the book, fold pages and were not hard on the eyes the way computer screens can often be. The digital publishing world exploded with a demand for eBooks that could be purchased and downloaded immediately from a device or computer and then accessed for as long as one would want.

The one part of this whole process that has been challenging is convincing authors to allow their published books to be turned into eBooks and sold, in most cases, for considerably less than in bookstores. Many authors were a hard sell because they often believed that the whole eBook phenomena would soon pass. Therefore, as demand started rising, many publishers were unable to meet a sufficient supply.

Soon people began to slowly realize that the rise in popularity of eBooks was not a fad at all. This was an aspect of publishing that was here to stay because of the vast improvements that were made over the last few years. Now eBook sales are up and regular book sales are down. Fewer people are interested in buying a bulky book that will gather dust after they have finished reading it. Books have gone the way of compact discs when the mp3 was created. People love having an option that will cut down on the clutter in their house and give them access to music and reading material wherever they go. Those people that doubted eBooks ability to be popular in the main-stream could not have been more wrong.

Digital publishing was big before, but now it has become immense with the rise in popularity and accessibility of the eBook.

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