What is a Virtual Book Tour

I would like to welcome D’vorah Lansky to my Author Website. I e-met D’vorah online because of my interest in her website Book Marketing Made Easy. I have listened to quite a few of her webinars and attended her conference. I received a wealth of information.

I asked D’vorah to share with you and she chose to talk about What is a Virtual Book Tour. Her subject is perfect since I am in the middle of one myself , getting ready for the launch of The Book of Ruth-A Story of Love and Redemption. I hope you find D’vorah’s article informative and helpful.

What is a Virtual Book Tour


D'vorah Lansky

By D’vorah Lansky, author of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online.

I’d like to share with you a few tips regarding virtual book tours and outline a few things that you can easily put into play, for your own book. The good news is, a book tour does not just have to be for a newly published book. You can create a book tour for any of your books, at any time. The key is to be passionate about your topic, be willing to share the message of your book and be committed to connecting with and building relationships with others.

What is a Virtual Book or Blog Tour?

A Virtual Book or Blog Tour is much like a traditional book tour but instead of the author flying from city to city, they are featured on a wide variety of blogs and websites across the internet. Your tour can consist of guest blog posts, videos, audio interviews and even an online book study.

Your book blog is the online hub for your book tour. It is where people will come to find out more about you and your book. It is where the hosts of your tour can access your media kit and it is where your visitors can view your videos and purchase your book. Once you set up your blog you can easily add pages to host the above mentioned content. (For an example, you can view my book blog and check out the 21-Day Virtual Book Tour, http://BookMarketingMadeEasy.com/tour)

Another thing you can do, in preparation of your virtual book tour is to connect your blog to the social networks with a WordPress plugin such as Twitter Tools (which you can locate on WordPress.org) or the Facebook application called Networked Blogs (NetworkedBlogs.com). These tools allow you to automate announcements of your new posts to the social networks.

There are numerous things that you can do to spread the word about your book tour. A few examples are:

  • Set up an event page on Facebook and invite your Facebook friends, who are interested in your topic
  • Update your Author Central page on Amazon. Here’s my page as an example: http://budurl.com/bydvorah
  • Add your new book to several of the social networking sites for authors, such as GoodReads.com and AuthorNation.com

You Can Also Use Video as Part of Your Blog Tour

Video adds a compelling component to your book tour. It provides a way for people to both connect with you and find out more about you and your book, “in living color”. The simplest way to create a video is by using a program called Animoto.com. They allow you to upload images and video and then either upload your own, royalty free, audio or select from the wide collection of audio tracks on their site. Animoto also makes it really easy for you to upload your video to YouTube or post to your site.

Over the course of my 21-day virtual book tour, I shared lots of tips and examples, about virtual book tours, that you can apply to your own book tour. And of course, there are lots of action-packed, easy to understand and implement book marketing strategies available to you in Book Marketing Made Easy!

If you have participated in a virtual book tour, either as a host or as the touring author, I’d love to hear your story, results and tips. Here’s to your book marketing success! D’vorah


Book Marketing Made Easy by D'vorah Lansky

D’vorah is the author of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online – Visit her book blog and check out the full virtual book tour schedule at: www.BookMarketingMadeEasy.com.

D’vorah offers programs for nonfiction authors interested in growing their brand and their book sales through online book marketing practices and strategies. You can purchase her book on Amazon at: www.BookMarketingMadeEasy.com/amazon


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