How to Self Publish Your Ebook Online

Is that novel of yours collecting virtual dust as it sits unread in a computer folder because the big publishing companies failed to see the value of it? Then consider publishing it as an ebook for distribution through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service.

Publishing ebooks has made formerly unknown authors like Amanda Hocking, author of the published ebooks, The Trylle Triology, a millionaire, and there are many other self-publishing ebook authors offering novels for Kindle and other ereaders.

Amanda Hocking, for example, went from an unknown, 20-something writer of paranormal romance, rejected by the New Yorkpublishing companies, to best-selling author of hundreds of thousands of self-published ebooks using KDP. By the time she turned 26 years old, Hocking had published ebooks such as The Trylle Triology, the My Blood Approves series, and Hollowland.

“So I had no money, and I said to my roommate, “I’m going to sell books on Amazon through Kindle, and I bet I can make at least a couple hundred bucks by the end of the summer to go to Chicago,” Hocking wrote on her blog, ( ), explaining how she began publishing and selling ebooks for Kindle using Amazon’s KDP services.”I mean, it was just me, publishing books on the Internet.”

You can do it to, and here’s how.

    • Write your novel. It can be any genre, but it should be completely edited. Read and re-read. Grammatical errors can turn readers off. You may have written a very good book, but if readers are turned off by it, then they may not become repeat customers.


    • After you have finalized your novel, your next goal should be to publish it as an ebook. Sure, writing is not always about the money, but everyone has bills to pay. So write for the love of it, but think about how you can generate income that will allow you to keep writing and entertaining your fans.


    • Setup a KDP account, which includes payment information, and properly format your document, then access your account to create a title. Setup the KDP account by going to and clicking the “Self Publish With Us” link.


    • From there, ebook publishing begins to get fun as you provide Amazon with product details, upload and preview the ebook content, confirm publishing rights, and most importantly, enter the pricing and royalty information.


  • Follow the startup of ebook publishing with merchandising, and as Kindle readers purchase your published ebook, you simply manage your sales and publish another ebook, all using Amazon’s KDP services for publishing ebooks.

Lee Boggs is an ebook specialist with a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri. You can read his other articles at

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