Do you use Google+ to promote your websites, blogs, or Book?

I recently started with Google+ and have been using it to help promote my website, blogs and my book. It is a social network on Google. I think you have to have a Google email to join it. If you need an invite let me know. You can set up your profile, add friends to your circles, +1 and comment on their posts and hangout with your friends.

You can create pages for your websites, blogs, books, businesses, etc. They are very easy to set up. I created pages for Deborah H. Bateman-Author Site, Christian Daily Resources, Daily-Bible-Reading, and Bible Verse Tweet. There is a link on the right hand side of the page that says Create a Google+ Page. You click on that and follow the step by step instructions and in no time you have your page.

Today I finally tried the hangout feature. You have to have a camera and microphone on your computer. All you have to do is click on the button on the right hand side of the page that says hangout. It will take you to a screen to download the software you need then you will see yourself on the screen. You can then invite your friends to hang out with you. You can watch YouTube videos, share screens, carry on a conversation, have a meeting, etc. It is best if you set up a time to meet so your friends will be there when you invite them, unless you want to take your chances and see who is available at the time. I think the limit is ten people at a time. So you can’t invite all your friends at once, but you can have a small party or hangout.

I found some good videos on YouTube that explain how to use the hangout feature. If you would like to check them out go to my YouTube channel and look for hangouts. My YouTube Channel is DebBat0519. Join me on Google. I am listed as Deborah Bateman. Leave a comment and let me know if you are on Google+, if you have pages or have an experience with the hangout feature you want to share.

This article was written by: Deborah H. Bateman-Author of The Book of Ruth-A Story of Love and Redemption and founder of Christian Daily Resources-a Christian Online Ministry dedicated to “Sharing God’s Word. Deborah is also going to be sharing articles to help other people online to write, publish, and market their books along with social media tips.