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Do you like to write? Are you part way through a manuscript, only to find the process of traditional publishing long and tedious?

With the age of the internet and digital technology, self-publishing is not as far-fetched as it used to be. There are several low-cost or no-cost options available. Below is a list of 5 such solutions:

1. Lulu – offers a variety of platforms for authors such as eBooks, paperback, hard cover, calendars, cookbooks etc. The prices range from $0.00 and up, depending on the extent of services the author requires. They offer publishing, marketing and distribution packages as well as giving the author 100% flexibility.

2. ezRead – offers digital publishing only with 70% royalties paid on each sale. Helpful staff is available to answer any questions or concerns, plus make changes to initial uploads if necessary.

3. CreateSpace – offers free and easy to use tools for creating and distributing books, music and videos. Publishing packages, distribution channels and marketing solutions are available at various costs depending on creator requirements. This company also offers POD (print on demand) services, which eliminates the need to purchase large volumes of books.

4. Smashwords – is another digital only self-publishing service. Their free publishing and distribution platform (no up-front costs) of digital creations provides new and veteran authors the flexibility to publish and let the world know they exist. Authors earn royalties on sold copies of their books, while Smashwords retains a small percentage to cover their costs, such as staff wages and site maintenance.

5. Wordclay – is a publishing platform for paperback books. There are no up-front costs involved with publishing; they retain a small percentage of each copy sold. Authors do not pay anything until their book is listed and sold. As Wordclay is also a POD publisher, there is no need to order hundreds of books. If all you need is 10 books then all you have to order is 10 books; there are no minimum orders.

Final note: With the options of self-publishing available (and these are only a few), it is easier than ever for authors to get published. In addition to the flexibility of self-publishing however, quality must not be sacrificed. Book buyers and readers will still expect error-free literature. Editing services are available at the above sites for a cost if required. For anyone not 100% positive their spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct please enlist the help of professional editors or proofreaders. It can mean all the difference in a good or bad review. Which would you prefer?

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