Self Publishing 101

There are many great advantages of self publishing an ebook, rather than a traditional print style book. The main advantage has got to be the cost.

When you publish a print book, you have to pay the publisher. When you publish your own ebook you are the publisher. When you publish a print book, the publisher always gets a cut of your hard earned money from the books sales. But when you sell each ebook, the profit is 100% yours.

There is also no need for printing, packaging, and shipping charges. So not only are you saving money for yourself, your customers will end up saving money. By having no extra charges to pay, you are able to offer a lower price for your ebook. When customers see that the price is lower, of course they will be excited and want to purchase your ebook.

When you sell a lower priced, high quality ebook, you create relationships with loyal readers that support your work and efforts to give them the best possible deals.

When you publish a print style book, you need to send in your manuscript to several potential publishers, crossing your fingers hoping that they accept your work. Even after you’ve been accepted, editors may wish to change your manuscript. Self publishing your own ebook, there are no editors to change your work. So your work truly is your work.

There are no deadlines to keep when your are writing and ebook publishing. You are free to work at your own pace, and whenever you have the extra time. ebooks are much easier to produce and quicker than a traditional print book.

Ebooks are a vastly growing phenomenon in this day and age. Everyone is growing more and more comfortable with gadgets, and computers. People are always looking for the next best thing, and ebooks are the next best thing to the actual print style book.

Ebooks don’t have to be read solely on computers. There are ebook reading devices. So you can take your ebook with you wherever you go. Just like a traditional print style book, minus the weight and clutter of traditional print style books.

Ebook publishing is extremely low-risk and easy. You aren?t spending a ton of money to create your ebook, as you would with a traditional print style book. You aren’t paying to ship your manuscript to dozens of publishers. You are simply typing your ideas, compiling them into the right format and posting them on your web site.

If you have a business that you need to promote, why not post advertisements inside the pages of your ebook. People who read your ebooks will see this advertising and want to check it out.

The internet is an amazingly effective marketing tool. You can target any specific market of people easily. Whatever genre your ebook is, you will find that target market on the internet.

There are so many growing ebook publishers out there, and so many ebooks to choose from. Downloading and reading ebooks has never been easier. This is the age of technology and ebooks are being considered as the new hardcover.

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