Self Publish – 5 Tips to Publishing Effectively and Making Money Fast With Your Book

Deciding to write and sell your eBook to make money for the first time, you have to plan it. To make sure that you come out with flying colors, you have to plan each and every step carefully. If you feel uneasy about planning you will have to read some books first on how to write an eBook.

This will empower your plan to:

-Self plan
-Self write
-Self edit
-Self proof read
-Self design or get help
-Get an ISBN number
-Create a payment options for the buyers.
-And now apply the sales and marketing strategies plans to make money.

Now since all this seems to be too complicated and a lot of work lets lets look at it again. Once you planned every action in small and easy steps for your book plan it will become easy you can do it. Let’s figure out the most important strategies without which your book will not be able to make money for you years after year.

1. Writing Business Plan Outline:

In case you are not able to write a business plan, you will not be able to create the actual picture of the process that you have to go through for writing an eBook. Plan will give you an outline of the expense, time it will take and step by step planning directions will keep you going from one step to the other. The process of writing eBooks and selling it simplifies with planning and promotes self publishing.

2. ISBN numbers:

ISBN has significant importance to the book and you as a writer. This number is easy to obtain and costs around $300. Since there are two kind of publishing book numbers choose the one that suits your book title and your selling strategy. Once you have an ISBN # you can sell your eBook from Amazon books also.

3. eBook Editing:
Once you want to make good money by selling your eBook it is important to invest in your eBook. Get your book edited professionally. It will give your book a professional standard, easy to promote and easy to sell.

4. Graphic Designer:

For the pictures and designing the graphics makes big difference to the look and impression of the book. It sells on a higher price giving you more profits and you are able to make money in the first edition. So do spend money in a graphic designer.

5. EBook Covers:

Good quality professional covers will invite everyone to buy the book.
The extra money that you will spend in getting a great eBook cover, will help you make a good profit with the book. So do spend money for the Book cover.

Once you have taken care of these strategies besides the obvious ones, your book becomes successful as it has what it takes to sell the book. As a first time eBook writer, self publish worked for you, you will make money fast. Click and see an example of informative product.

Author: Fran Aslam
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