Marketing For Self-Published Authors

As a writer trying to sell his book online, you’re not different from all these people attempting to sell their own products on the Internet. You require of course a good book, where you put all your thoughts, a well-written book, with a nice cover and a professional layout. But it’s not enough to make a sale.

You have to be visible: Are you on Google?

What’s about your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

Do you really know your reader/customer? Is it a man or a woman, how old is he/she? Do you sell a story or do you solve a problem? Are you a storyteller or an expert in your field? You can’t be everything to everyone, so make a choice, find your niche.

Most of the time, writers think they will reach their audience by just putting their book on a web page. But it’s not enough, it’s just the beginning of your journey as a self-published author.

What I teach to my clients may sound a bit odd to you, but you really must learn Internet marketing. If you don’t write a good squeeze page, a brilliant sales letter, if you don’t use an autoresponder, you won’t make anything, even if you’re a wonderful writer. You need a blog, full of backlinks, you must build a presence on social media.

It takes times, it will cost you money, time and effort, but without all these tricks and methods, nothing will happen, I tell you.

Internet marketing got nothing to do with magic, it’s all about smart thinking, deep research and perseverance and obstinacy.

So how can you get started with your new career as an Internet marketer?

First of all, type Internet marketing in Google and download all the free special reports, articles, ebooks, videos, powerpoint slides available. Read specialized blogs, look for good and serious membership sites and forums.

When your master fundamentals and basic knowledge, start buying courses, books and magazines.

Internet marketing changes all the times, a good strategy can miserably failed if you wait too long to use it.

Don’t be fooled by « get rich quick » schemes and ways of making easy money, taking a shortcut to success, or otherwise performing miracles with money. Most of the time it’s just pointless rubbish, but occasionally you will find a very unusual trick nobody else talks about it.

So learn everything you can, compare, analyze, take notes.

You can really sell your book online with marketing for self-published authors, but it won’t happen overnight. It takes months, but with the right skills and tools, you can do it too!

Alain Jamot is a writer, publisher, and Internet marketer. If you enjoyed reading this article, go to [] where you will discover new marketing, writing strategies, and free tools, to sell more books.

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