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I love studying the Bible and sharing it with others. My mission is to “Share God’s Word” with the world. I realize that I can’t do it by myself.

group of happypeopleIf you would like to join our mission. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Prayer Team – We need volunteers to join the prayer team. Pray for me and for the ministry. Ask God to meet our needs. Ask Him to watch over us and protect us. Ask Him to lead, guide and direct us. Ask Him to show us how He wants us to expand the ministry.

Review Team – We need volunteers to join the review team. When I publish books I need people to review them. You will be among the first to know when a new book is published. You will be offered a free PDF copy for your review.

If you are interested in joining the review team email me at: Put “Review Team” in the subject line.

Subscribe to my blog and join in on the Daily Bible Reading lessons. Tell your friends and family about them.

Buy my books. My books are available on Amazon. It costs me money and a lot of time to write, edit, and publish my books. In order to keep doing it I have to cover my expenses through book sales and other income sources. Thank you for your support.

Help spread the word by sharing my posts on social media and telling your friends and family members about my books and blog.

If you are a Christian writer and would like to learn how to publish your books, I would love to work with you. In order for me to do that there will be a fee for me to coach you through the process. If you are in a position to invest in your future, I can show you how to get started. I would love to have some other Christian writers to partner with in “Sharing God’s Word” around the world. We can do that via the internet and I am ready and willing to help you get started.

Email me at : Put “Coaching” in the subject line.




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