Indie Label Startup – Pure and Simple

So you want to start an indie label, become a music publisher or both. It all boils down to what can you do with a diamond in the rough?

Here’s my example.

You want to be in the game. You want to be a producer, indie label, publisher, or all three, and you want to have the ability to take yourself, and your artists to the next level, or several levels. You want to be a player. You want the ability to turn a diamond in the rough into a prize winning masterpiece.

In the Music Business, probably more than any business you can be in, Knowledge is Power. To succeed in the music industry, you absolutely MUST gather information, study it, learn to apply it, and learn how to package your knowledge into a presentable format.

If you are going to play the role of taking you and or your team, and or just a new artist you find off the street up the music industry ladder, you must to be able to approach artists with a reason actually several really impressive reasons as to why they would want to work with you. Nowadays, artists will always be asking the question what can you do for me.

Quite often the answer from a newbie producer, promoter, indie label, and or publisher should be I can get you up several levels. The response by all means should be absolutely honest. You do not have the advertising dollars or distribution resources that the major labels have, and most likely you never will. You may or may not even have the financial resources that a lot of the small indie labels have.

So with that said, you must ask yourself, what do I have to offer? Lets say you want to start a small Indie label, that also handles publishing and promotion. Ask yourself, what are my talents, what are my strengths, what can I do for artists that I believe in?

Quite often it boils down to one thing, and one thing only. You are willing to work harder and stay more focused on that artist than anyone would be willing to work with that artist at that particular artists level.

As a beginning publisher, and or indie label, you must sit down and make a list or put together a package explaining what your capabilities are, and what you can do to take an artist from level one to say level three. Every level is an important step. Every level creates more and more buzz about your artist, and Major labels, and even the larger well financed indie labels are constantly listening out for the buzz of a new artist. A joint venture with another small but well financed indie label, and or signing your artist to a major label can be a huge career changer for you and your artist.

You need to start with making a list of the things you must be able to do to help your artist or artists with to further their career, and if there are items on the list that you should be able to do for the artist or artists you are representing, that you do not have the ability to do, then find out how to do them, and do it.

There are minimal things that a small beginning publisher, and or indie label startup should be able to do for their artist or artists. Indie label publishers, promoters, and the Music Business.

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