How To Write An Ebook – Self-Publishing Made Simple By Following 7 Easy Steps!

Every time an internet marketer tries a new technique, they are, naturally, quite nervous. As with most things in life, the first experience is the most challenging and then the process becomes easier.

If you follow the 7 tips listed here, you will have a roadmap to successful ebook publishing.

Here is your roadmap to successful ebook publishing:

1) Ask your existing subscribers what they want or need to know about. It’s not worth your time and effort if no one reads your book. Start with targeting a subject that is sought after. Check out your competition in your subject area to target your writing to what is generating reader responsiveness.

2) Prepare an outline. Know exactly where you want to go with your subject. Divide the outline into manageable sections and work on one subtopic at a time.

3) Stick to your schedule or road map. Don’t fall behind. If you have decided to conquer one topic a day in 5 pages, do it. Even if you are tired. Delaying the process won’t get the job done and you will be in agony and pitch yourself into a ‘writer’s block fit.’ Avoid this problem at all costs.

4) When you have completed your daily task, work on your sales copy for the ebook, just a little bit each day. It will grow naturally as your sale page should directly reflect your actual text.

5) Use ebook compiler software or your PDF converters to protect your manuscript from copyright violations. Copycats are the bane of the publishing world. While they are a fact of life and cannot be entirely eliminated, you can make copycatting much more difficult if you take the steps to protect your work at the onset.

Save your work as an EXE or PDF file. More publishers prefer PDF because it works well on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms consistently.

If you are using the ebook as a giveaway, send a newsletter to your subscribers to get the word out. You can also imbed your free offer in your website as an inducement to opting in to learn more about your primary product or service.

6) Create a sexy cover. Make it something irresistible. Use catchy graphics but not to extreme.

7) You can also promote your ebook through banner ads or article marketing. Remember it takes about 5-7 contacts with a particular individual until they bite. Regular exposure gets this job done well.

If you follow this roadmap, you can write and publish an ebook that works the way you want it to.

An ebook is very worthwhile because it establishes your credibility as an expert on a given subject. In time, that helps you build your business.

Now that you know how to write an e-book, don’t delay. Follow these 8 easy steps to ebook publication. You are an author!

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