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Many authors will tell you that to write a book takes years and to get it published takes even longer.

But with today’s technology it’s possible to write and self publish as many books as you want. You can even turn self publishing books into your own online home business, because you can write books and self publish them all from home without the need for large print runs – or any print runs at all.

Today it’s possible to automate the whole publishing process so that all you have to do is write your next book while all the selling, printing and shipping is done for you. And you can also self publish your books as an eBook or audio download to open your books to a wider market and make even more money.

But first you need to write a really good book in order for it to be successful. So you need an original idea – something that makes your book stand out from all the rest.

So begin with an outline. Decide how many chapters you’re going to write (20 to 30 is a good starting point) and make a list of 10 points to cover in each chapter. Each of these points needs to be written up into one page length.

A good starting place for your book outline is the TOC (Table Of Contents). Most readers choose there books by the TOC so make sure it looks intriguing. You can use a sub-heading for each chapter in the TOC to further entice your readers to want to know more.

Then for each chapter list 10 topics that you want to cover. Each topic will be written into a whole page of content, so if your book is 20 chapters long with 10 topics in each chapter, this means you book will be 200 pages long.

Armed with your TOC and list of topics, begin writing. Just spend about 5 minutes writing for each topic. This will give you enough time to write quickly and productively without time to edit or correct your writing, and this is the best way to work.

If you want to write fiction, you need to create at least one cause and effect for each chapter. Every chapter has to have its own situation – something is caused and it creates an effect – that moves the story along. Make sure the ending of each chapter has a ‘cliff hanger’ to ensure that the reader wants to turn the page and find out more.

You also need to include developments in the plot and the characters. Use the situations to show your characters’ flaws. Try and create sub plots within the main plot to keep the readers intrigued.

Working this way by outline and planning your chapters and writing each page in a 5-minute burst, means that you’ll be able to finish writing your book in less than a month. It also means that once you’ve finished writing, you’ll have little or no need to edit your work.

You’ll write better when you write quickly and without editing as you go along.

To make sure you write even faster, turn off your spell/grammar checker when you’re writing. Just run it over your work when you’ve finished.

Then comes the time to self publish which is now quick and easy. You can self publish a book and have it available for sale worldwide in as little as 2 weeks.

Just imagine how many published books you can produce every year!

And best of all, you get to keep all the profit.

Ruth Barringham is succesful writer, author and publisher and runs two web sites for writers. Writeaholics.net is a web site for freelance writers and Self-Publish Worldwide is a website full of information on all areas of self publishing. So if your interested in writing or publishing, or both, visit these two web sites. You can also sign up for the free monthly newsletter at Writeaholics.net and receive the free eBook ‘Become a Freelance Writing Success’ when you subscribe, or download a free self publishing report at Self-Publish Worldwide. Or why not do both? After all – they’re free!

Author: Ruth Barringham
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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