When You Write a Book – Should You Self-Publish?

You’re writing a book – should you self-publish? While in the past going the ebook or Print on Demand (POD) route was seen as vanity publishing, that’s no longer the case. The big benefit of the DIY approach is that you get to keep all the profits.

The Web has changed the way authors think. A decade a go, every book I wrote was for a major publisher. Although I didn’t make much money, the books did boost my brand – any my ego.

The Web has changed everything. Nowadays I – and many other established authors – self-publish. It’s sensible.

When speaking with established authors, I’m hearing that nine times out of ten they prefer to self-publish their books as ebooks, first.

Here are some comments I’ve received when I asked why authors did this:

* I can publish my ebook with a few clicks of my mouse in days, rather than years. Since I’ve got a mortgage, it makes sense…

* Eight or 15 per cent looks silly next to the 100 per cent profit I make from self-publishing…

* I love it – when I publish online, I have direct contact with readers…

Should You Self-Publish?

When you sell a book to a publisher, it’s a long process. First you write a book proposal, and send it to your agent. By the time the agent has read the proposal and sent it around to publishers, a year has passed before you get a contract.

Another year passes before the book hits the bookstore shelves, and depending on the size of your advance payment (which is always against royalties) yet another year may pass before you get royalties.

So traditional publishing takes around two or more years from when you get an idea for a book, to the day the book is for sale.

Contrast that with self-publishing. When I get an idea for an ebook, the average time it takes for me to write the book and get it online and selling is around two months, sometimes less.

Other benefits of self-publishing include:

* You can see the results of marketing your ebook or POD book at once – in increased profits. You’ll still need to market your bookstore-book, but you won’t see the profits (if indeed there are any) for years:

* You can write six books in the time it previously took you to write one, simply because there’s no waiting around for others to read your work;

* No rejections. You write it, you sell it, and you get the money, instantly;

* Your ebook acts as a book proposal. An editor at a publishing house may see it and make you an offer, which you can accept… or not, if you’re making good money with the ebook.

Is self-publishing for you? That depends on your business model, and why you’re writing your book. However, more and more, authors are seeing that DIY is the way to go.

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Author: Angela Booth
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