Virtual Publishing – The Arrival Of a Truly Free Press

The term “Paradigm Shift” was coined in the sixties by Thomas Kuhn. It is essentially a significant change in our fundamental view. As an example Kuhn sites the making of books. Gutenberg’s invention of movable type made books readily available, easier to handle and cheap enough for commoners to acquire directly. As more and more people learned to read, these new devices started an information revolution in the 1400s.

Churches and Governments began to lose control over what people were allowed to know. As time went on those who could afford the presses and control the flow of information became people of great influence.

Today, thanks to computers, the internet and printing technologies, anyone can afford to have their words “prepared and issued for sale or distribution to the public” (Published).

I was actually able to prepare and publish my book in 6 different formats, including a 337 page paperback, for free. Of course I had to write the book, do a lot of research, learn to use some new software and have the book mentioned in the right circles to generate sufficient sales to offset my costs. But even if I hadn’t sold a single e-book, my total investment would have been less than $1000. And if my readers hadn’t insisted on a paperback, I could have e-published without investing a dime.

So if we can all afford to get published, can we all become persons of great influence?

This is where we have not yet seen the paradigm shift. Or at least, we have not yet discovered the single method or process that lets us control the flow of information.

There are millions of digitally published authors on the internet. There are hundreds of thousands of print published authors with books available at your online and local stores.

YouTube has millions of videos competing for our attention while PodCasters, shock-jocks and talking heads preach their gospels to us every minute of the day. And let us not forget the ubiquitous handhelds texting us those vitally important HBYs, DYKs and LOLs while we try to study, work, watch, eat and sleep.

The presses have not just been freed. They have been enhanced, tuned and digitized to provide us with a never ending flow of information from an ever increasing number of sources. And who controls this flow of information? YOU!

Every individual can now choose to pay attention to whatever is important to them.

This is a tremendous responsibility that has been thrust upon us. Just as our brethren from the 15th century no longer had their “beneficent” Church and Government making their decisions for them, so too are we losing the infallibility of our god-like Media Moguls and Celebrities controlling our ability to reason.

Your voice is now just as audible as all the others. Your TV station is now another channel to be surfed. Your words are readily made available to billions. So the question is no longer, “How do I get published?” The question is, “How do I get YOU, the person of greatest influence, to put me into your flow of information?”

B.L. Lindstrom is a proponent of Modern Mythology and believing it’s never too late to try Someplace Else. He is passionate about his writing and his topic, with a new book titled, SomeplacElse.

Author: B. L. Lindstrom
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