Tips on Writing Your First eBook – A Self-Publishing Checklist

Writing your own eBook can be a difficult task. But the process doesn’t end with simply writing your eBook. Until you have published your eBook you really don’t have anything except a finished manuscript.

So how do you turn that finished manuscript into a real eBook?

The process of turning that finished manuscript into a real eBook is called publishing. Publishing is the process of taking a written, edited, polished manuscript and putting it into the hands of the customer — the reader. It consists basically of four task sets, design of the finished product, formatting of the finished product, publishing and marketing. Note that the task set of publishing is only a sub-set of the overall publishing process.

This differs somewhat from traditional publishing. In traditional publishing the publishing task set is really the task of printing. Once printed the books still need to be distributed to the sales outlets. With electronic publishing, of course, these two tasks are combined into a single task set consisting of creating a website or posting to book seller’s sites and so on.

Publishing can be done in three ways. The first is to sell the rights to your book to a publishing company. The publishing company takes the finished manuscript and handles the publishing process. However, in real life, most publishers do no more than is mandatory to market their books. The author therefore needs to plan and perform most of the marketing of the eBook themselves.

The second method is to use a vanity press. This is a press which does the publishing process up to distribution for a fee. The author is expected to distribute and market the eBook or book.

The final technique is simply to self-publish. That is the author takes and performs (or outsources) all the tasks in the publishing process. With traditional books, until the arrival of on-demand printing this was beyond the capability of most authors. However, eBooks are easy to publish and therefore this has been the traditional method of publishing.

Here is a basic checklist for self-publishing your eBook:

1. Your manuscript is finished and edited.

2. You have selected the size of your eBook

3. You’ have selected an interior template

4. You have selected a cover design template

5. You have obtained an ISBN

6. You have reformatted your manuscript to the template

7. You have added the front matter

8. You have added the back matter (if any)

9. You have converted the interior to pdf.

10. You have converted the interior to any other format needed.

10. You have written the back cover copy

11. You have written the front cover copy

12. You have completed the design of the covers

13. You have created the product cover views.

14. You have reviewed the markets and identified any changes.

15. You have developed a marketing plan.

16. You have submitted to external markets.

17. You have developed a website (if appropriate).

18. You have uploaded all materials to your website.

19. You have created a PayPal account.

20. You have launched your marketing plan.

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