How to use Facebook Insights to Learn about your Target Market

No matter what your business or ministry is it is important that you know about the people you serve. Facebook Insights is a tool that is on Facebook Fan Pages. You can learn so much about your target market by using this tool. There are different tabs that you can click on and each of those tabs gives you more information about the people who like your fan or business pages. Some of the things you can learn are:

Pages Tab

  • Where your page likes come from
  • Your total number of likes up to this point

Facebook Insights

Posts Tab

  • Which posts reached the most people
  • Which posts had the most engagement
  • When your fans are online
  • What days of the week they are online
  • What times of the day they are online
  • What the best post types are

Facebook Insights people

People Tab

  • What is the age of your fans
  • What is the gender of your fans
  • What is the geographical location of your fans
  • What languages does your fans speak

Facebook Insights People Geography & Location

What I learned about my audience from using this tool is that 80-85 percent of my fans are women, even though some of my best supporters are men. I am glad to have them both.

The majority of the women who like my pages are between the ages of 25-65, even though there are some women who are both younger and older.

Most of my fans are from the US, even though I have fans from all over the world and welcome them all since one of my goals is to “Share God’s Word” around the world.

Most of my fans speak English, which is understandable since I write and speak English. But, I do have fans who speak other languages as well. I took Spanish in high school, and can recognize some words in Spanish, but I wouldn’t say I speak Spanish.

I learned the times of day that most of my fans are online and the days of the week that most of them are online. This information may help me in knowing when are the best times and days for me to post my messages.

I also learned which posts my fans engaged with the most. This can help me learn what posts my fans like best.

This doesn’t include my entire market since it only includes those people who have liked my Facebook pages, but I believe it is a good representation of my total market.

What tools do you use to help you learn more about your target market?

For those of you who are more technical and want more answers about how to use this tool you may find this Facebook tutorial helpful. Though I found it most helpful to just go into my Facebook page and click on insights to see what I could discover for myself about my  tribe. I hope this information helps give you some insight into learning more about the people you serve.

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