Self Employment in The Age of Self Publishing

Never before has it been so easy for the average person to
publish his ideas to the masses. The printing press
revolutionised the book industry in the 15th century and it is
the same effect the internet is having on self-publishing in
this day and age.

Article, ebooks, reports and blogs are a few examples of
self-published materials. You can literally wake up this morning with a great idea and have it in front of people in a day once
you know the proper techniques.

Say you are an aspiring music producer or writer and you need to
set up shop for others to enjoy your creativity. You could visit and sign up to become a self-publisher and it is all
free. also offer similar services with the added
benefit in that you can market their affiliate program and earn

Now that you have signed up, you are ready to expose your
creativity and talents to the world. Self-publishing websites
offer easy step-by-step instructions which you can follow to get
started right away. It is wise to decided before hand what you
intend to do with your product. Are you offering it as cheap
promotional material or is it a business from which you want to
earn a living.

Once you have created your product, you need to save it as a
file on your computer. The beauty of products like ebooks is
that it can easily downloaded over and over once you have done
the initial work in getting it published.

Now that the creation process is over, it is time to market your product so that others can know that it exist. Articles, ezines,
classifieds, forums and press releases are some of the avenues
on which you can concentrate your marketing efforts. So far all
of this has cost you nothing but some of your time which is a
huge advantage for the self-publisher.

So how does self-publishing facilitate self-employment? Simple.
Create your own self-publishing empire. Don’t stop at one
product instead develop a range of ebooks, blogs and reports so
that you create multiple sources of income.

The dependence on 9-5 jobs to earn a living will decrease in the
age of self-publishing. More persons will start to depend on
themselves to raise their standard of living. So what are you
waiting for? Are you still sceptical about self-publishing? No
need to be, you just read an example.

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