Daily Bible Reading “What is PURIM?” (Esther 9:26-32)

What is PURIM?

Today’s Daily Bible Reading is from Esther 9:26-32. PURIM is a Jewish holiday which was established during the days of the book of Esther to commemorate God’s deliverance of the Jewish people.

It is a day of celebration where the book of Esther is read in the synagogues. There are parties where people dress up in costumes. They give gifts to the poor and to each other. It is a day of celebration including big family feasts.

The PURIM celebration has been passed down from generation to generation and is still celebrated today. PURIM is celebrated on the fourteenth and fifteenth of Adar according to the Hebrew calendar.

Therefore, the date changes from year to year according to Gregorian calendar. They also make cookies called Hamantaschen, which may be called “Haman’s Hats” or ”Haman’s Ears.”

Have you ever been to a PURIM Celebration? Why not plan to have one at the end of this Bible study? It would be especially fun if you are doing this Bible study with a group.

But, you could have a PURIM Celebration with your family. I have included some suggestions for your PURIM Celebration along with a recipe for Hamantaschen cookies in the back of this book.

I have never been interested in history that much, but since doing these Bible studies and learning how there are traditions and other things which have been passed down from generation to generation since biblical times I have become more interested in history, especially biblical history. Do you find biblical history interesting?


Daily Bible Scripture:

Esther 9:26-32

26 Wherefore they called these days Purim after the name of Pur. Therefore for all the words of this letter, and of that which they had seen concerning this matter, and which had come unto them,

27 The Jews ordained, and took upon them, and upon their seed, and upon all such as joined themselves unto them, so as it should not fail, that they would keep these two days according to their writing, and according to their [appointed] time every year;

28 And that these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city; and that these days of Purim should not fail from among the Jews, nor the memorial of them perish from their seed.

29 Then Esther the queen, the daughter of Abihail, and Mordecai the Jew, wrote with all authority, to confirm this second letter of Purim.

30 And he sent the letters unto all the Jews, to the hundred twenty and seven provinces of the kingdom of Ahasuerus, with words of peace and truth,

31 To confirm these days of Purim in their times appointed, according as Mordecai the Jew and Esther the queen had enjoined them, and as they had decreed for themselves and for their seed, the matters of the fastings and their cry.

32 And the decree of Esther confirmed these matters of Purim; and it was written in the book.


Things to think about:

  • Do you find it interesting that special days which were established in biblical times are still celebrated today?
  • What are some other holidays that were established in biblical times that are still celebrated today?
  • What holidays do you celebrate and why do you celebrate them?


Prayer of the Day:

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank You for the book of Esther and the lessons we learn from reading and studying it. We thank You that we can see Your sovereignty throughout the book. Thank You that we see there are certain days appointed in biblical times which are still celebrated today, such as PURIM. Help us to know You are in control and You will work things out for our good and Your glory. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

-Excerpt from: PURIM Celebration: 28 Daily Devotionals by Deborah H. Bateman and Friends

Another book by Deborah concerning Purim

The Book of Esther: A Story of Love and Favor



The Jewish people will be celebrating Purim this weekend.


Featured Book:

PURIM Celebration: 28 Daily Devotionals

by Deborah H. Bateman

About the book:

PURIM Celebration: 28 Daily Devotionals is a Daily Bible Reading Study Book by Deborah H. Bateman and friends. It is a compilation of 28 Daily Devotionals by Deborah and fourteen of her author and writer friends.

Purim is a holiday that was started back in the days of Queen Esther and is still celebrated today. Deborah took the letters of PURIM and created categories for the contributors to write about:

• P=Praise
• U=Un-forgiveness or Forgiveness
• R=Relationships
• I=Inspirational
• M=Marriage

One of the traditions of Purim is giving gifts to the poor. In light of that tradition we have decided that a portion of the proceeds of this book will go to charity.

PURIM Celebration was originally created as part of Deborah’s Book Launch for her book: The Book of Esther: A Story of Love and Favor which was published in 2012.

PURIM Celebration includes devotionals from: Mary Pacheco, Penny Zeller, Katherine Harms, Dave Moore, Marlo Schalesky, Judith Robl, Lynn Dove, Buffy Crabtree, Deborah McCarragher, Shawn Lamb, Serge Roux-Levrat, Lily Brenner, Heidi Faith, and Lisa Buffaloe. The book is edited by Lisa Lickel, one of my friends in the John 3:16 Networking Group.

Some of the contributors are from the John 3:16 Network Marketing group Deborah belongs to. Some of the writers are from a coaching program that Deborah participates in. One of the authors is from the Palmetto Christian Writer’s Network Deborah is a member of. The rest of the writers and authors are friends Deborah has made over the past few years online.

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