Print on Demand Publishing Versus Vanity Press And eBook Marketing and Publicity

Print on Demand (POD) Publishing Versus Vanity Press – Which Should you Choose?

Ever wonder whether you should use old-fashioned vanity publishing or go with print on demand (POD) now? Let’s find out and start by understanding the key differences between Vanity Press and self-publishing, which is also referred to as POD publishing.

Vanity Press

Vanity Press refers to the practice of publishing material that caters to one’s vanity (example: family history) or a personal need (example: corporate coffee table book). There’s no market research involved, the user just wants to see the desired content in print so he (or she) can give it away to the desired audience.

The press that prints a vanity book does not offer any sales support, which is natural.

The author must bear the pre- and post-press expenses, plus he must buy a specified number of copies.

Self- or POD-publishing

Self-published or POD books are printed based on orders. The buyer pays the market price of the book, including the printing charge. The author just has to write the book and find a POD publisher to sell it online.

Self-publishing is an excellent choice for creative authors who are reasonably sure that their book entertains or informs and will sell. Once their work is accepted by the POD publisher, they promote their book online on social networks, blogs, forums, online events, advertising, and more. The author does not spend anything on printing, unless he’d like a few copies for himself. And he does not have to buy a specified number of copies as in the case with vanity publishers.

Many authors have turned to self-publishing. And POD publishers like and have made things easy for them.

After looking at major features of both services, it does seem that self-publishing or POD publishing is better than vanity publishing because the author can purchase as many copies as he requires, and he does not have to bear any fixed printing costs. Authors around world are moving to self-publishing, which is a more creative and practical alternative to vanity publishing. Moreover, it helps creative folks realize their goals at an affordable price.

eBook Marketing & Publicity – Promoting Via Social Networks with 4 Giants: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google +

Authors must leverage blogs and the top 3 social media networks (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) to promote their ebooks and develop their curiosity quotient. Social media networks are buzzing with fans, their friends and curious onlookers, and a social media-savvy author can easily develop interest in both existing fans and prospects.

General rules are as follows:

1. You must write about how and why your book can entertain or inform. The idea is to create drama around your book.

2. Do not ever hard sell the book on networks. People will get turned off.

3. Always update the latest information on the social media networks. If you are touring to promote the book, write about your tour stop experiences; if you have issued a press release, write about that, etc.

4. Understand that the primary focus on these networks must be to share, learn and make friends, and not to sell.

How to use the top networks

A. Share interesting portions of your book on your blog. Try not give a whole chapter away. Give away enough to arouse a feeling of “how,” or “what,” or “what happens then.” Remember to list your blog with all the blog directories.

B. Tweet sparingly and try to build suspense in your tweets.

C. Create a Facebook Business page and promote it. The page can revolve around a character or the whole book. The Business page is separate from the personal page – Fans can “Like” the business page.

D. Make more friends using your Facebook personal page and go full viral.

E. Sign up with a book retailer who sells on Facebook and “Like” and “Share” your book when it is hosted.

F. Set up a Google+ “Circle,” which has been created to help authors network. Share titbits with other authors.

You can try these tactics for starters, and then take it from there. Good luck!

Hint: Also seek bookkeeping services to help with your promotions today!

Author: Peter Sobel
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