Abridging Books Into eBooks

For people who are authors of books and have perhaps self published previously it might be a good idea to turn your book into an eBook. If your book is a nonfiction book it may be possible to break the chapters down and perhaps elaborate on some of the subjects and 2-3 E-books from that one work. It does not make sense to take a book which you may have produced that perhaps sold less than 10,000 copies since you self published it and then not turn it into something that can be seen by many more people.

If you break down the subjects properly into the books you may be able to get quite a few more people reading your book and you can charge a very low price. The lower the price the more people who will afford it can buy it and eBooks cost very little to produce.

There are many successful online eBook writers and authors and you can go to Lulu.com and see all the eBooks there available to all online Internet buyers. What do you have to lose? And why would you allow such information that you spent so much time and hard work and effort in producing go to waste. Isn’t it time that you made a second edition anyway and this might be a way. Think of this in 2006 and maybe you might find success in the eBook business.

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Author: Lance Winslow
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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