Joni and Friends is Celebrating their 35th Anniversary

Joni and Friends is Celebrating their 35th Anniversary

joni-ken-untold-love-story-424_jpg_257x398_q85Joni and Friends was established in 1979 by Joni Eareckson Tada, who at 17 was injured in a diving accident, leaving her a quadriplegic. Joni and Friends is dedicated to extending the love and message of Christ to people who are affected by disability whether it is the disabled person, a family member, or friend. Their objective is to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of this group of people in practical ways.

Joni and Friends is committed to recruiting, training, and motivating new generations of people with disabilities to become leaders in their churches and communities.

From local neighborhoods to the far reaches of the world, Joni and Friends strives to demonstrate to people affected by disability, in tangible ways, that God has not abandoned them – He is with them – providing love, hope, and eternal salvation.

As a person in ministry and my own set of challenges to the every day life of being in ministry, I can’t imagine being in a wheel chair and doing what I do, much less all that Joni does.

Joni is an inspiration to those she comes in contact with, whether through her books, radio, TV, or in person. Her courageous spirit is contagious. She inspires others, both those with and without disabilities, to live a full life with her can do attitude. I have seen Joni on several TV interviews and am always inspired and blessed by her testimony.

Joni has a radio program, a TV show, and other programs to help train those in ministry to minister to people with disabilities. They help provide wheel chairs for disabled children in need. She is an inspiration to us all. To learn more about Joni and Friends check out the website at Joni and Friends.

Join me in wishing Joni and Friends a Happy 35th Anniversary.


Deborah H. Bateman