EBook Self-Publishing – Faster Way to Make Money With Your Product

There is a local parlance here that goes like this, “there are so many ways to kill a rat”. The same is true when it comes to making money online from eBook. You can use Amazon.com, eBay.com or other online eBook publishing houses. But if you want to make serious money online doing what you know best, self-publishing and marketing you eBook is the preferred option.

You eliminate the middlemen, take over their jobs and profits by publishing and selling your eBook by yourself. These days it is so simple to get started even if you are a newbie to the Internet. Just start by creating a website for every book you are selling. Place extensive information about your eBook on the website. You can even set up a landing page that offers the first chapter and the table of contents of the book free in exchange for the prospect’s email or the concise review of all the chapter in your book. Add bullet points to emphasize what makes it different from other books in that category.

Then decide which method you want to use to sell the eBook and the method of payment you want use to receive your money. For newbie this can easily be done by simply searching on any of the search engines for those doing outsourcing jobs. they will handle your orders precisely.

Finally start marketing and advertising your eBook by yourself! Use articles, forum post, your opt-in list, classified and any other marketing strategies to drive people to your website where they can buy your eBook. This part is very critical to the success of your eBook. When you blow your trumpet like the gurus, be rest assured that the rest will be story – your success story.

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Author: David Udofort
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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