How To Publish Your Own Book And Save Money

A book being published by its author is not a new concept. It is practiced for the various reasons discussed here. To find out how to publish the book on one’s own economically, first let us look at what are the needs behind a self-publishing venture.

Sometimes an author wants to have complete control over the editorial process. It is also possible that a manuscript is ignored by many publishers, especially when the author is relatively unknown. If the book has an interesting subject, but limited target readership, the publishers might turn it down. Self-publishing remains the solution in that case.

There is a possibility of publishers declining to publish your work if the subject of your work appears controversial. It is also possible that an author might be so sure of the success of the book, yet does not wish to let go of the substantial part of the profits to the publisher. Self-publishing and promoting the book yourself gives you, the author, 100% of the profit.

The following suggestions will help you save money on publishing expenses.

Make your book available in print as well as eBook form. It is possible to get more customers for your book if it is made available in hard copy, as well as soft copy (ebook). An eBook costs next to nothing as compared to conventional printing. It may be possible to generate many sales by offering your eBook at a lower price than the print copy.

In addition, when the customers confirm an order for such print plus eBook offers, you can determine the exact number of copies that need to be printed. This saves you from having to spend money on unsold inventory.

Cutting costs at production level

Consider prepress expenses such as copy-editing and proofreading. If you have expertise in editing or proofreading, then rather than employing the services of a professional, do it yourself, or seek the help of family members, friends or colleagues who can offer their expertise. A word of caution, though, make sure there are absolutely no mistakes or errors before printing, as you will have to reprint later in order to change anything.

Make your book part of some other marketing program

Try to find any commercial organization that will use your book as a part of their marketing program. It is possible to market your book to such enterprises if the subject of the book is relevant to their products. By successfully marketing your book for their own marketing schemes, they help you to cover the production expenses with an advance payment.

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