Self-Publishing Ebooks For Money to Survive the Recession

Self-publishing original eBooks can be a profitable means of generating a lucrative income. eBooks are books that can be written, designed, downloaded and purchased through electronic means. If you’ve been on the internet for even a short period of time, you know that eBooks are extremely popular and have made money for many people.

What makes eBooks so hot is the fact that they provide information to online readers who want to be able to access knowledge quickly and immediately. These are individuals who don’t want to wait around for days or weeks for a book to be delivered via snail mail. Their thing is instant gratification and eBooks satisfy that need.

So, where do you come in?

Even if you’ve never had experience with writing, you can still be a success as an eBook author. All you need to do is to figure out what topic you have some helpful knowledge about and create an eBook based on it. Each of us has experience and know-how in some area that we can share with others who desire to learn more about it. Your eBook may be the very answer to somebody else’s questions.

Some eBook writers opt to go through third party publishers, in order to sell their work. While this can be a positive enterprise, there is always the risk that third party publishers could reject your work. Even if they accept it, they could end up watering down your message so much, that it hardly resembles your original concept. Another problem is that you will only get a percentage of any profits from your eBook sales.

Self-publishing, on the other hand, can offer you much better advantages.

Self-publishing your eBook allows you the freedom to express yourself without being edited or rejected by a third party publisher or editor. You have complete artistic control over your work, including its content, its design and all price-setting. You also retain all the rights to your eBooks and can change or edit them at your own personal discretion, without any protest from somebody else. The profits from all sales of your eBooks go to you. In other words, you are totally independent.

Sounds wonderfully empowering, doesn’t it?

That being said, being able to actually accomplish the task of publishing your own eBooks may seem overwhelming to put into practice. What should you write about? What tools do you need? What resources do you use? How in the world do you market your products?

These are all questions that you are going to need answers to, in order to become a thriving eBook writer and self-publisher.

You need to learn about the basic “mechanics” involved in putting together well-organized eBook products that address subjects that will be of interest to a specific target group. For instance, if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you could focus your eBooks on topics that would concern other stay-at-home moms, such as work-from-home options, parenting issues, tips for frugal living and more. When you get a solid idea of your niche market, you then need to get busy writing and find out how to put everything in an appealing, orderly package.

You then need to find out about the practicalities involved with the business of self-publishing. Learn what it takes to make your eBooks grab the attention of potential buyers, so that you can have a competitive edge over other eBooks out there in the cyber world.

Once you discover these things, writing eBooks and self-publishing will be a snap.

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