The Art of Ebook Writing and Self Publishing

To write great eBooks, all you need to focus on is the content of your book. Write on the subject to keep it simple and interesting for the people who will benefit from reading your book. The most important benefits of self publishing your eBook is that there won’t be any rejections, no change in thoughts presented in the book as there won’t be any editing on the content, make big profits by selling lots of copies, build a list of readers who appreciate your work and best part is the information is your valuable contribution to everyone who benefits from reading it.

The creation of the book and publishing it on the web is easy, especially if you follow simple instructions and take guidance from authors of the many free books available online. The cost associated with this activity depends on the kind of audience you want to target and the promotional activity you want to undertake for your book.

To start publishing your book the first requirement would be to format the content of your book and for that you can either go for professional help or proceed to complete the task on your own. Give your book some time and perform the proof reading activity. If your book is in PDF format then the best option is to lock your book before sending out to the market. This would secure your book and only allow your customers to extract the content and will prevent others from copying your work.

Next you need to create a graphical image for your book as this will help increase sales. Creating an eBook cover with professional help is an expensive affair. The best way to go for cover creation would be to use the available software packages and minimize the cost.

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Author: Jason A Osborn
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