How to Give Ebooks as a Gift

Did you know that you can give eBooks as a gift? What a novel idea. If you have read an eBook that you enjoyed and want to share it with your friend or loved one you can gift it to them. The only thing you need is their email address.

Sign into your Amazon account and choose the eBook you want to send then select the “Give as a Gift” button. It will direct you to put in the email address of the person you want to send it to.

Think of how much money you can save not paying shipping on presents to friends and family that live far away. Share an eBook today. Not only will you encourage reading, but you will share the message of the book with your loved one and they will be thankful and enjoy the eBook as well.

A lot of people get eBook readers for Christmas and what better gift to give them than eBooks to read on their new readers. You can also include a personal message wishing them a happy holiday.

How to Give an Ebook as a Gift

Give an Ebook as a Gift