Birth of A Golf EBook

I would like to welcome my friend Dennis Krall to my author site. I met Dennis through a Christian Internet Network. Dennis recently published a Golf Ebook. I asked him to share his story with you. I hope you enjoy reading this post from my friend.

I have been an avid golfer since I was 13 years old and have worked hard to improve my game over the years.   I read golf advice and tips from most of the golf magazines and talked with playing companions and other golfers to learn all I could about building a good golf swing.  The internet became a high tech media for lessons and drills to lower my handicap.  The only problem was that many of the tips were complicated and made changes to parts of my game that I did not feel comfortable changing.  I became very selective in the advice that I incorporated into my golf game.  I began to look for advice that made sense to my game and tweaked the parts of my game that needed help without tearing down the rest of my swing, as well as my mental outlook toward golf.  I enjoyed reading about golf advice and was willing to share information with my golfing buddies if they were having problems and were interested in what I found worked for me.


I retired from my job as a civil engineer  in 2010 and determined that I wanted to spend time with my grandson and playing golf in addition to my teaching responsibilities at my church.  It was about the same time that my wife and I discovered James L. Paris’ Christian Internet Income web site and discovered that we might be able to turn our hobbies into money making opportunities via the internet.  We quickly started auto content blogs that provided the potential for advertising income.  We also learned to develop websites of our own that we could better control the content and the ads.  This made good sense to us, but we had to start building traffic to our web sites.  We did this through blogging sites that shared our common interests (golf in my case).  I also expanded my reach by writing articles about golf that I posted on my web sites and submitted to  I enjoyed sharing knowledge that I believed in and that had worked to improve my golf game.  I shared my site with friends and acquaintances on social networks and continued to look for ways to expand my following on the web.


In late August, 2011, my wife and I listened to a training session from Jim Paris on writing EBooks.  We decided that it made sense for us to write and publish our own books and advertise them on our web sites.  We found out that we could bypass publishers and use on line EBook stores to publish and advertise our books at no cost to us and without taking large portions of the profits from the sale of the books.  Being an author sounded intriguing but also frightening, but we quickly learned that we had knowledge in our field that people would have an interest in if we could find a way to advertise to a large group of people that shared our interest in the topics we wrote about.  So on October 24, 2012, “Golf Tips and Advice That Work” was published.


I want this book to be helpful to new and experienced golfers.  Ii is written to make good common sense and not confuse the golfer as it advises how to correct swing problems.  I have chapters on purchasing the best clubs and golf balls and how to hit specialized trouble shots.  I give tips on mental confidence and how to practice and plan your round.  I have only included tips and drills that have worked for my game and I feel will work for yours.  “Golf Tips and Advice That Work” is about 24 pages long and can be purchased through Amazon for $4.99.  It is also available for loan for a limited time through Amazon’s KDP Select program.


My wife and I have been married 34 years and have an interest in Bible study guides and history and hope to publish future EBooks in these areas.   You can find the link to my book at my websites: