6 Benefits of Online Book Marketing

Printed materials serve as a visual clue for people who see them. Some of them are Bookmarks, Business cards, postcards and promoting your book. Hence, book marketing is essential to build legitimacy, increase the books credibility and is a stepping-stone for potential sales. Below are some of the most common tactics used for book marketing techniques:

How To Start Book Marketing?


They are cost effective and inexpensive. Give postcards to your close friends and ask them to send to their friends. Form a chain so that many people get these postcards.

1. Send a business card stating useful information about your book.

2. Form a group, go to event places, and distribute various copies of brochures.

3. Frame a postcard with all the information about your book listed on it.

4. Get large copies of autographed books.

Printed Bookmarks

1. Give them to people at social events and book signing sessions.

2. People will have a look at them for future book events.

3. Make a note of your next book signing campaign date and time, publish it and give it out as a

4. Tell your friends to give these bookmarks to their friends.

Business cards

Build a network and pass on a business card with information about you and your book. This will help agents, publishers, reporters, and readers to remember you and your book.

1. It doubles as a bookmark for readers.

2. Give them out at book signing campaigns and speech sessions so that people can pass it onto others.


Put a poster in view of advance of your book marketing campaign.

1. Put a poster of your book, where verbal speech is not possible. Posters send out a subtle and powerful message.

2. Place posters near you on the writing desk. It will be a great source of inspiration.

3. Display them at all book fairs and other events.

4. Hire people to wear them at large community gatherings.

Benefits Of Online Book Marketing:

1. The cover of your book will feature on the main home page for about a month, which will be a good exposure for tons of book buyers on the Internet. Several online book marketing services also offer Flash slide show to promote books on the Internet.

2. Next, the book will feature in its preferred category page with appraisals and outline of the book, provided by you.

3. To obtain excellent search engine results, the listings of your book will be search engine optimized.

4. Formats and price structure of your book will also be showcased along with awards and other bookish achievements.

5. The Really Simple Syndication (RSS) will introduce your book to RSS users.

6. Finally, your book will get Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Purchase-path Evaluations, and Promotional Powers from some of the best domains.

Start an e-mailing campaign by sending an e-mail to all the people in your e-mail list about the announcement of your new book release. This is also one good alternative book marketing technique.

Book Marketing is very important, it gives readers a chance to know you as an author, and it helps them to understand your interest and the interesting aspects of your book.

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Author: Caleb Anderson
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