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A Strategy For Getting Your Self-Published Book Into Stores

I’ve spoken to self-publishers who are quick to say that they don’t need brick and mortar bookstores. This is usually expressed after they realize that, even though their books are listed in Books in Print or are in the Ingram catalog, not even one bookstore has ordered a copy.

If you are actively promoting your book off-line as well as on-line, you will find that it is possible to break into bookstores, even if you have to do it one store at a time.

The key is local events. Start in your local community when your book is launched. Send out press releases to local daily and weekly papers. Contact local radio and TV stations. Offer to do readings at local libraries, and then hit the bookstores.

Start with a chain bookstore. I love independent bookstores, but if you want to make a big push to get your books into stores nation-wide, you’re going to have to aim for the chains.

Go to the manager or buyer at your store, and explain that you’re doing a local media push. Let her know what speaking engagements and interviews you’ve already lined up, and the press you’re expecting to receive.

Explain that you want to point all those readers to one particular store to buy the book, and ask if she can help you out by ordering a quantity of books.

If she says no, move on to the next largest chain, or if there’s only one chain in your local area, the largest independent store.

Keep going until a bookstore says yes. Usually your largest independent bookstore will agree to stock the book, and host a reading.

But don’t be discouraged if all of them refuse you. It’s not likely, but it can happen.

In that instance, push the book through your own website. You want to be able to track sales through your promotions, so set up a page where people can enter their Amazon receipt number to get a bonus directly from you.

Do your media blitz in your city, and document the sales it generated.

Now you can begin a blitz in a neighboring city, following the exact same steps, but this time when you approach bookstores, you’ve got documented information about how many books are likely to sell. Use that information to try to get into a chain this time.

Once you do get your book accepted, even if it’s on a limited basis, into a chain. Do a big, big push. Use everyone you know, and every contact you have to sell as many copies of that book as possible.

Once your book has a sales history in a chain, it’s easier to get restocked, and to get your books into other stores in your state.

The more you sell, the more likely it is that someone at head office will see a ‘trend’ and give you a call, as the publisher of record, to find out what the appeal is, and get your books throughout the region, or even the country.

Most importantly, never give up on off-line promotion. Seek out radio interviews, send out press releases, and market your book for all it’s worth.

You’ll sell more books, and realize that dream of seeing your book, face out, at a brick and mortar store.

Wendy Woudstra has been writing about publishing and book marketing for more than a decade. Learn more about book promotion at her website,

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For Book Marketing Research, Authors Can Use a Nifty New Tool Called TitleZ

Effective book marketing begins long before the book is actually written and the more diligence paid to pre-publishing efforts the better the author’s chance of success. Before hiring a book publicist to garner book publicity for you, get a cup of coffee and get ready for a little online research on book marketing.

A key strategy in any marketing program is to know your competition and successful authors will research competitors before investing time in writing, editing, re-writing, and publishing. How many others have written on the same topic? How have those topics sold? What similar books have done the best? And what made these books successful?

This may sound like a daunting task but it is now as easy as sipping iced tea on a hot, humid day, thanks to a new website called TitleZ – TitleZ allows users to instantly retrieve historic and current Amazon rankings on competitors’ books and create reports with 7-, 30-,90- day and lifetime averages. More importantly, you can use this tool to research your next book or create a marketing plan using the information furnished.

By visiting TitleZ you can compile a list of related books, comparing and contrasting sales figures and rankings. You will want to hurry and check it out now while it’s free in its beta testing stage. After the beta testing period expires the service will be available by paying a monthly subscription fee.

As a book marketing specialist, I have found TitleZ to be very useful in offering book marketing advice to my clients. Authors will find this tool helpful in coming up with book publicity and book publishing strategies.

Visit their web site to learn how a specific book or a group of books has performed over time relative to other books on the market. All you have to do is enter a book title, a subject, author or publisher and TitleZ within seconds comes up with a comprehensive list of books from Amazon plus historical sales ranking data. This information allows authors to see how topics and specific books perform over time and to appreciate what’s hot and what’s not.

Among the advantages TitleZ cites when using its tool are:

· Identify trends with book-buying consumers beyond the top ten lists to see within a given topic which books are gaining in interest and which are declining.

· Quickly and easily uncover best-selling and up-and-coming authors on a specific topic.

· Review renderings of book covers, along with sales ranking data, to see what design features are working in the current marketplace.

· By examining prices of competitors’ books you can make a better informed decision on what to charge for your book.

· Find out how effective promotional appearances, tours, book signings, and marketing activities are in driving sales.

If you aren’t totally convinced yet that TitleZ is worth a cup of coffee’s time to try out, than just visit the site, point and click two or three times, enter just one subject, and examine the data returned. You’ll then become convinced. For more information about book marketing visit:

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Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications, a public relations and marketing firm that has a special knack for working with individuals and entrepreneurs to help them get all the publicity they deserve and more. Lorenz has handled public relations and marketing for numerous authors, doctors, lawyers, inventors and entrepreneurs. As a book marketing expert Lorenz is called upon by top execs and bestselling authors to promote their books. Learn more about Westwind Communications’ book marketing approach at or contact Lorenz at or by phone at 734-667-2090.

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6 Benefits of Online Book Marketing

Printed materials serve as a visual clue for people who see them. Some of them are Bookmarks, Business cards, postcards and promoting your book. Hence, book marketing is essential to build legitimacy, increase the books credibility and is a stepping-stone for potential sales. Below are some of the most common tactics used for book marketing techniques:

How To Start Book Marketing?


They are cost effective and inexpensive. Give postcards to your close friends and ask them to send to their friends. Form a chain so that many people get these postcards.

1. Send a business card stating useful information about your book.

2. Form a group, go to event places, and distribute various copies of brochures.

3. Frame a postcard with all the information about your book listed on it.

4. Get large copies of autographed books.

Printed Bookmarks

1. Give them to people at social events and book signing sessions.

2. People will have a look at them for future book events.

3. Make a note of your next book signing campaign date and time, publish it and give it out as a

4. Tell your friends to give these bookmarks to their friends.

Business cards

Build a network and pass on a business card with information about you and your book. This will help agents, publishers, reporters, and readers to remember you and your book.

1. It doubles as a bookmark for readers.

2. Give them out at book signing campaigns and speech sessions so that people can pass it onto others.


Put a poster in view of advance of your book marketing campaign.

1. Put a poster of your book, where verbal speech is not possible. Posters send out a subtle and powerful message.

2. Place posters near you on the writing desk. It will be a great source of inspiration.

3. Display them at all book fairs and other events.

4. Hire people to wear them at large community gatherings.

Benefits Of Online Book Marketing:

1. The cover of your book will feature on the main home page for about a month, which will be a good exposure for tons of book buyers on the Internet. Several online book marketing services also offer Flash slide show to promote books on the Internet.

2. Next, the book will feature in its preferred category page with appraisals and outline of the book, provided by you.

3. To obtain excellent search engine results, the listings of your book will be search engine optimized.

4. Formats and price structure of your book will also be showcased along with awards and other bookish achievements.

5. The Really Simple Syndication (RSS) will introduce your book to RSS users.

6. Finally, your book will get Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Purchase-path Evaluations, and Promotional Powers from some of the best domains.

Start an e-mailing campaign by sending an e-mail to all the people in your e-mail list about the announcement of your new book release. This is also one good alternative book marketing technique.

Book Marketing is very important, it gives readers a chance to know you as an author, and it helps them to understand your interest and the interesting aspects of your book.

Caleb Anderson invites you to visit Find This Online an online resource guide that offers a variety of articles written on different subjects. Offering you relevant information that you are looking for. Browse through plenty of useful articles, information, content and resources on the subject. Visit us at Here for more articles on bookmarketing.

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Why Your First Stab at Writing a Self-Help Book Isn’t Publishable

If this is your first stab at writing a self-help book, it’s unlikely that you will have the skill set to produce a manuscript that will be able to compete with books already on the market. This is not meant to offend or discourage you. I strongly encourage you to write your book! But I also want you to be realistic about the fact that writing a book requires skills that needs to be learned.

It makes sense if you step back from your situation for a moment. Was the first cake you ever cooked so great that you were ready to have your own cooking show? Was the first picture you drew so fabulous that you hoped to see it in a national art museum? Think about the first time you tried to dance. Were you ready for Dancing with the Stars?

So what are the skills you need to learn to write a competitive self-help book?

1. How to assess the market to tell if your book idea will sell

Just because you want to write a particular book doesn’t mean that anyone else wants to read it. A savvy author knows how to scope out the book market to see what the buying public wants to read next. Notice I said “next”.

Readers all ready have access to the current books on the market. If yours says pretty much the same thing, with minor differences, your book will unlikely be a bestseller. Your job as an author is to look beyond the current moment and write a book that, once it’s written and published, will be fresh, new and innovative.

2. How to clearly identify your readers

If you’ve read any other articles on writing, I’m sure you’ve heard over and over that defining your audience is of utmost importance. That’s what I’m going to tell you, too. First-time writers (myself included) are notorious for wanting to reach a broad audience. Picture a bookstore in your mind for a moment. Can you picture a bookshelf that is labeled “Broad Audience”? No, because it doesn’t exist.

Picture your book on one, and only one, of the shelves in the store. The person who would go to that shelf is your audience. Focus in on that person and no one else.

3. How to structure your book to best communicate your message

A well-written self-help book is not a flow of consciousness. You’ll find a lot of poor advice online these days telling people to write ebooks quickly, without editing or proper structure. I’ve recently seen a service that tells customer to download their blogs so they can be turned into books. If you have a large number of subscribers who already know who you are and are ready to buy from you, perhaps your book will sell.

But your book will not be able to compete in the traditional book market. You might think that there are a lot of poorly written self-help books on the market today. And your may be right. But it’s important to realize that books published through publishers have had the input of numerous publishing professionals such as structural editors, copy editors and proof readers and had numerous revisions before going to press. The cover design and copy were discussed by marketing, sales and promotional professionals. A lot of effort and know-how goes into every book. These books are your competition.

4. How to illustrate your message with compelling stories

One of the major differences between a manual and a self-help book are the stories used to make the message come alive to your readers. Simply saying, “First, do this. Next, do that.” is insufficient for a bestselling self-help book. In fact, the way I am writing this article is not a good example of how to write a self-help book. I’m talking to you, but I’m not illustrating my points with stories. If you’re writing like I am now, you’re not writing a high-quality book. You’re writing a short article in a particular online style. Learning how to tell a great story that emotionally engages your reader is an integral skill of self-help book writing.

Self-help books are selling by the millions, and you can become a bestselling author-if you learn the craft of writing self-help books. It’s something you can definitely learn how to do. The first step for you to become the writer you can be is by recognizing that writing is indeed a set of skills that you need to learn. Don’t become one of the disappointed masses of writers who try to publish their first draft. I want you to succeed-so learn from my mistakes. I’ve made all of the above so I speak from experience. You can do it! I know because you have a message no one else can deliver-and it’s your job to deliver it!

For a FREE copy of my newest workboook, Make Your Hook Sizzle and Sell, a $17 value go to

Are you having trouble finishing your book? Carmen Berry, MSW can help! She is a New York Times bestselling author who authored, co-authored and ghost written over 20 books with top publishers including Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and Penguin. She has taught aspiring authors how to get published for 10 years.

Her coaching draws, not only from her successes, but also from the many mistakes she has made during her 25-year writing career. As a result, her clients can avoid making common-sense blunders that many first-time authors make. It’s okay to be a first-time author as long as you don’t act like an amateur. She works with aspiring writers who love helping people such as mental health professionals, educators, medical professionals, pastors, fitness experts and craft enthusiasts.

What could this same kind of success mean to your career?

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