Self Publishers Take Charge and Chart Your Own Course!

Are you are ready to take charge of your writing career? It is your time. The world has opened to you. Technology has changed. There has never been a better time for self publishers.

The avenues that are open to you as a writer now are new, innovative, and exciting. You don’t need a “Traditional Publisher”.

I know exactly what you are going through as a self published paperback author. I walked in your moccasins for many, many, miles. I know every inch of the road.

Here’s what I know about you:

You are passionate about writing.
You put thousands of hours into your manuscript.
You wrote it and rewrote it countless times.
Your editor tells you, you are good to go and you have a winner.
You sought out publishers and agents and followed their submission guidelines to a tee.
You waited and waited in eager anticipation for their decision.

Two years later, here’s what else I know about you after you’ve been rejected by publishers and agents:

You decided to self publish.
You paid thousands of dollars on printing costs and buying your books.
Your book is now available on and 20,000 bookstores worldwide.
You’ve given the first signed copies to family, friends and the kid next door.
You are ready to make it big.
You nip in and out of blogs and forums and pick up ideas on selling your books.
You signed up for weekly newsletters, webinars and sound advice.
You attend some of the book fairs and festivals to show case your book.
You built your website
You signed up on Harper Collins, with thousands of other hopeful writers.
You did book signings and left your books on consignment in Indie Book Stores.

Now you have pennies in your pocket and nothing in the bank!

Even published authors find themselves in that situation. Their publisher is not out their marketing their book, they are! Authors spend so much time marketing their book and working on their next novel, they can’t focus on the other side of their masterpiece – Turning it into a business!

Unless they come up with a few good best sellers, their book reaches its peak and then declines after 5 to 7 years. The Publisher is not going to keep it on the shelves. Their book becomes an out of print and special order. The Publisher has the next generation of eager unsuspecting authors knocking on their door.

And so it goes. The publisher moves on and stays in business throughout the entire process with, ‘Established since 1938,’ over the door. The author after surrendering all rights to the publisher for 10% of sales, has a bundle of unsold books and, “I once had a best seller,” rolling off his tongue. So now it’s back to obscurity and his day job.

The reality is, unless we as writers chart our own course and focus on an extremely profitable writing career, the above paragraph will ring true for us.

Do you know that you have a unique purpose in life that involves helping others? It is my belief, that you are capable of writing an extraordinary information e-book that will capture the market with that purpose.

If we wait on “Traditional Publishers” to meet the high demand for information books, this era will have passed us all by. Turn your passion for writing and your purpose in life into a lucrative Internet Marketing Business with your self-published e-books!

Learn proven success strategies for self publishing & marketing e-books in today’s fast growing world of e-businesses.

Annette O’Leary-Coggins is an accomplished author and has enjoyed writing for over 10 years. Annette, a savvy Internet Marketer and formally of Hilton Hotels World Headquarters, also enjoys sharing tips on generating loyal customers, referrals and repeat business and anything else you can benefit from.

Author: Annette C O’Leary-Coggins
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