Steps to Write a Book – Write and Publish Your POD Book in 10 Easy Steps

Writing a book can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience if you first come up with a good plan to start writing your book. Once you know the exact steps to write a book, you’ll find that you won’t be staring at a blank page wondering when and where to start.

Step One

Write down some ideas for what kind of book you wish to write. You may have gotten a great idea and already know what you want to write about. But, if not, then you need to do some serious thinking about what types of subjects you either have a passion for, or already have a high level of interest in.

It’s important to pick a topic that you know you’ll enjoy writing about. It’s easier to write about things you like than stuff you find boring.

Step Two

Once you know your topic, it’s time to start taking notes and doing some research. If you know a lot about the subject, then go ahead and jot down everything you can think of in a notepad. Now, you don’t want to rely on your memory alone. You should do some research and read other books, articles and online information to flesh out your subject. Be sure to take detailed notes so you can use them for easy reference later.

Step Three

Come up with a catchy title for your book. This part is going to be a bit challenging because the title is the first thing that everyone sees. The title really needs to be something that stands out from all those other books with similar topics. Keep in mind that an interesting title gets people’s attention.

Step Four

Create a book outline that’s based on your notes. You want to create a chapter heading, and subtopics under each one of those. Think carefully about each heading because this outline directs what you’ll be writing about for each section of the book.

Step Five

Write the first chapter of your book. Proofread it afterwards to see how it reads. If everything makes sense and flows nicely, then you can continue. If, however, you feel there are problems with your writing style, then here’s where you need to fix those problems first before moving on.

Step Six

Continue writing each chapter until you’ve completed the entire book.

Step Seven

Proofread your book, or hire a professional to do that for you. It’s important to correct all spelling
and grammar mistakes. Also, you need to make sure your book has good sentence structure, as well as, be written in a way that shows off your knowledge, creativity and personality.

Step Eight

If you’re writing non-fiction, create an introduction or preface section.

Create an acknowledgment and/or dedication page.

Create a contents page.

Write a back cover book blurb.

Step Nine

Submit your manuscript to a Publish on Demand or POD publisher.

Work with the publisher to create an intriguing book cover.

Step Ten

After your book is published, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Begin promoting your book so that other people can read what you’ve written.

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