Social Media Tips for Network Marketing Lead Generation

Social media has taken the world by storm! According to data from comScore, social networking today accounts for 16 percent of the time spent online in the United States, through sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. With so many people spending so much time on these sites, ignoring social media as a network marketing tool would be a big mistake. These networks are a great place to build relationships as well as generate leads. Basically, this tool can be used to network with like-minded individuals, interact with them and build relationships – and this is what’s most important when it comes to generating leads in the network marketing business. Here in this article we will take a look at some tips on how you can use social media to boost your network marketing lead generation.

Social Media Tips for Lead Generation Here are a few great tips on how you can use this new media to improve lead generation for your network marketing business –

Connect with your target niche – Begin by connecting with your target niche on various social media sites like Facebook, or LinkedIn. Make friends with those who are commenting or talking about issues your product or service could resolve. Look up various groups related to your target niche on these social media websites and join them. Connect with other members of the group. You can share your expertise and knowledge with these people. Also, Twitter’s search function is a great way to look for people in your niche. Find them and follow them.

Start your group – Start a group and get other people to join. Invite people from your target niche. However, do ensure that the group you have started represents your niche.

Provide interesting and relevant content – Offering content that is valuable, interesting and relevant to your target audience is essential for building trust and relationships. Besides that, it also helps you establish your reputation as an expert authority in your niche. Your followers and friends will consider you as a trusted source of valuable information. Also remember that this is an ongoing process and you have to continue providing good content. Let your followers know your contact details such as phone numbers, emails, Skype ID etc.

Get others to opt-in to listen from you – When it comes to generating leads through social media, getting the target audience to opt-in hear more from you is very important. A link at the end of your posts or articles is a good way to do this. You could also send your links directly to friends and followers, when they ask for more information.

Here is a helpful article I wrote on generating free leads for your business.

Incorporate these tips in your social media strategy to boost lead generation for your network marketing business.

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