Several Ways to Publish Your Software

With the computer industry exploding over the last decade, many software engineers are staying away from the traditional means of work and heading over to the freelance market. Sites like Elance and have made it easy for a freelance software programmer to make a hansom income from getting bids on their patented software. These websites also offer freelance software engineers a chance to design for a company on a per project basis. This would usually involve the company posting a job for a specific program that they need for a platform. The engineer would then big on the job and, if they won, they would build the program for the company for a set fee and relinquish all of the rights to the software.

Affiliate marketing has made this means of income extremely easy. A software engineer creates a great program or application plug-in and then offers an affiliate program for his product through an affiliate marketing directory. An affiliate marketer sees the product and believes that they can really churn some profits out of it’s potential. When the affiliate marketer makes a sale, they get a percentage of the sale and the software engineer just sits back collecting a great passive income. Of course, this is only one way of marketing their application.

Another way that you could publish your software is by going the traditional route. By pairing yourself up with a company like IBM or Dell, you could sell your software to them. This route usually involves intellectual property attorneys though. Attorneys who handle this kind of law can be found online or through software publications.

Other software engineers have ditched the traditional means and the affiliate markets by selling through their own websites. With their understanding of computer code and search engine optimization, a lot of programmers have just resorted to investing in themselves by setting up their own websites to sell their software packages to consumers. Niche software usually goes by this means of operation. For instance, one of the hottest markets right now is affiliate marketing tools. A programmer may come up with a series of software packages to help out an affiliate marketer and offer them individually or as part of a bundle per their website.

The software industry is not something that is going away any time soon. Engineers are always finding new uses for software packages and are always updating their products. There are a variety of ways to publish your software with companies or on your own. Whether you decide to publish through your own website, publish through an affiliate marketing directory, or by the traditional means with a large company, you can rest assured that your work will always be needed.

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