Self Publishing a Book – 3 Reasons You Should!

“What is self publishing a book?”, I can really hear you ask. Well we all know the good old adage that we can only run after we have learned to walk, so I will tell you what self publishing a book is all about, before we even attempt to write one.

Self publishing a book is simply the publishing of books by the author, rather than established third party publishers or vanity presses. Yep! Now this is something to amaze our friends and family with our new found knowledge (yeah right… not really). I am now sure you just can’t wait to learn what the 3 reasons you should start self publishing a book are… hang on a few moments…drum roll…here they are…

1. Self Publishing is easy.

Yes! It is so easy these days that anyone (I mean that literally) with a computer and internet access can write and publish a book in as little as 7 days. Surprised? Stay with me, it even gets better. You can create your own book online and sell it for whatever price you want without having to do any handling or shipping. This idea is spreading fast and people are now waking up to this new business opportunity. Remember any idea for a book if well researched will sell.

2. Self Publishing may lead to a Traditional Publishing deal.

We shouldn’t dismiss the fact that the traditional publishing industry has been around for decades and they still exert a lot of influence over the publishing industry. Too many book proposals have been rejected because these publishers just don’t have the time for people like you and me. But if you succeed as a self publisher they will be swarming around you like bees enticing you with big money contracts to take your online book to the high streets. What is in it for them? You are already a bestseller, they want your next 5 books… Are you still with me?

3. Self Publishing can make you rich.

Everyone is an expert at something. What are you good at? What have been doing for the past 5 to 10 years that will be of interest to people. If you can package your knowledge in an easy to digest format you will have a basis for an ebook. You can write about what you do professionally, your hobbies and about the things you do at home that makes you unique or your world view on things. Imagine the possibilities.

Well there we have it, if you are still wondering what expertise you have to start self publishing a book then take a look at what you do everyday and if you still don’t think you can write one then help is at hand visit [] on how to do this.

Author: Nii Tagoe
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