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Have you ever realised that all of us are constantly sharing our knowledge and information on a daily basis? We do it without realising that these could be valuable information that some one is looking for. Every moment, people around the world are seeking information on something or the other. These information are available at libraries, magazines, books and periodicals. Today, the Internet is the latest source of information.

How about sharing your information and knowledge and getting paid for it? Learn to publish your knowledge and have readers respond quickly. For this you will have to also learn to market your e books without sending any money.

E book serves in many ways:

Customers, especially from International, do not have to wait for the shipment to arrive.

E books can be downloaded, printed and read without having to spend much.

You do not have to go selling, like a salesman with a brief case.

Customers get privacy. Books on religion, personal hygiene and sexual topics can be downloaded and read without having to buy it at a store.

Start by writing on any subject you are good at. Start by just noting down points that come to your mind. You can always edit them later. Visit various sites and forums to find out what information people are seeking. Perhaps you have some of the answers.

Very soon you will start wring articles that can be published. Once you learn the art of writing you can compile all your information into one e book which you can market online.

This is very profitable way to earn money on a part time basis, without having to make personal sales calls to bookstores and libraries. There is no need to meet any schedules or be accountable to anybody. Over a period of time you will enjoy creating more e books and have fun generating more money for yourself.

Self publishing ebooks

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