Self Publish E-Books – The Planned Approach

You probably want to know the planned approach that will work wonders for selling your writing (ebooks) on the Internet. Well, here are the steps for a planned approach:

1) You have access to the Internet and a computer.

Notice I didn’t say you’re paying to be connected or have a computer you own. I used the word “access” which means you could do your self publishing from your local library or even at an Internet Cafe with computers.

2) You have an idea for an ebook

Before you start writing your ebook, you want to determine if there is a market. Why waste your time writing something that isn’t going to sell? There are many, maybe thousands of writers on the Internet who did not research their market and are now suffering the consequences of zero sales.

Don’t you be one of them.

3) Once you’ve done your research, you write your ebook

You must have a finished ebook. Too many times writers jump to producing a web site first, then write an ebook. This will cause you to have problems with the next planned approach.

5) You buy a domain name

If you buy the domain name before you’ve named your ebook, you have less of a chance of getting targeted (meaning buying) customers to your web site. Your domain name should specify exactly what you’re selling.

For example:

My name “a good read” was acquired before I knew the above. Yes, it’s EZ to remember but it doesn’t spell out exactly what I do. Is it a bad name? No, but it’s not as good as if I chose “” for my domain name. It would have expressed what I do better. But hey, after 10 years, I’m attached to

6) Set up your hosting company

You must have a domain name before you can buy hosting. The hosting company needs to have a valid address to put on their servers.

7) Next is building your website.

This can mean from one to several thousand web pages. But if you have one product (ebook), then you should have four pages.

These include:

  • Opt-In Page
  • Sales Letter
  • Order Page
  • Thank you Page

The opt-in page is extremely important and I’ll go into that in another post but, for now, simply understand and accept your customer will not buy from you the first time they visit your site.

8) An Autoresponder is an absolute necessity.

I didn’t know this when I first started. I let hundreds of thousands of visitors come to my site and did nothing to keep in further contact with them. Don’t you make the same mistake.

9) Another essential item in your Planned Approach is a Shopping Cart

Yes, you’ll need a way to process orders. It can be as simple as using PayPal or any other online merchant like 2Checkout which accepts credit cards.

10) Bring traffic to your site.

Now this is where most writers fall down on the job. You can have the best ebook on the Internet but if nobody knows about it, your sales will reflect this.

There are other parts to the Planned Approach but these will get you started on the right path to self publishing your ebooks.

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