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With the emergence of the internet, there are now many services that will let you publish your work online, some of them even publishing the material for free.

There are many categories in which someone can publish something online. The most obvious are books, which you can now write and put up for sale at a number of online publishing websites without needing any professional services. This also includes photo books, which can include pictures you have of celebrities, animals, flowers, or whatever you want your photo book to include. Self publishing can now make your photo book available to the online world. One of the most popular forms of publishing self written material online is in the form of an e-book. Ebooks can be downloaded immediately giving the reader the chance to get the material instantly without having to wait or pay for shipping or traveling to pick it up from a local bookstore. Publishing books on poetry or cookbooks or a wide variety of topics are now done easily without having to wait for approval from another source, and these types of books can easily be turned into ebooks, giving the publisher another way to distribute their work and make more money from it.

Music has moved to the forefront of the online publishing industry. While artists are still looking for that big contract from a major label, there are many websites that will publish your songs for no cost at all, giving bands and solo artists exposure which was not possible years ago. Publishing songs online has become one of the most popular forms of online publishing, especially in various social networking communities.

The type of online publishing one chooses is a matter of preference, as even though there are many sites where you can publish your media for free, there are advantages to dealing with companies that charge a fee as well. Self publishing most times also means self promotion. Someone without the proper marketing skills may find that even though they can now get their work published, they still are not getting any exposure for their work. There are publishing companies online that will promote your material as well as publish it for you. There are various fees depending on the type of service you want, but many of these companies not only will publish and promote your work online, but also can offer newspaper, radio, and TV exposure as well. Sometimes this comes in the form of advertising your work, while other times they can set up interviews with various media outlets which can allow someone not only to promote their work, but also promote themselves which could help with future projects.

The world of publishing has taken on a whole different look with the emergence of the internet. The trial and tribulations many artists and writers had to deal with years ago are now a thing of the past and being able to get your work published online has opened a door for many people that could not have been opened so easily before. Online publishing could be the wave of the future for many writers and artists.

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