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One of the distinguishing factors between highly successful businesses and those that are simply afloat in the marketplace is whether or not they have included a social element in their business model. If you want your business to be truly successful then you’ve got to come down from the ivory tower and mingle with the groundlings. Today’s social media tools such as Google Buzz and Twitter enable companies to establish a comprehensive business experience for their customers. And the greater the degree of interaction, the more you’ll fortify your business against changing market trends and stiffening competition. Think of it in terms of building a bunker around your business-each element that you incorporate into your business which supports a more inclusive experience for your customers adds another brick to your bunker, creating a bust-proof business. Read through these money making social media tips to see how you can achieve lucrative longevity for your business.

Create Interaction

The more people get involved with something, the stronger their beliefs will be regarding that particular subject. Think of it this way: Are you more likely to spend money on something you are barely acquainted with or on something that you are highly involved with? Your prospects are much likelier to reach for their wallets when they’ve been actively involved in something. With so much competition on the Web these days, you really need to establish a much stronger connection with your audience in order to make it clear that you are the one that they can truly trust and that spending money with you is the best option.

What’s a great way to create interaction using social media tools? Pique your audience’s attention with a quick post (Buzz or Tweet) regarding a very unique topic that relates to your industry or area of business. But don’t stop there! Actively ask them for their feedback, comments and opinions. People love the ability to have a platform for their thoughts and opinions and they’ll appreciate the opportunity that you provide.

Grease the Wheels

And while your topics should be interesting enough to encourage a good deal of interaction on their own, some people may not feel that it’s worth their time to contribute. But since every person who contacts you or comments on your posts equals a golden nugget of a lead for you to follow up with and market to, it’s important that you don’t simply give up on them. Provide incentives for people to get involved with your social media microcosm. Offer free gifts that will encourage involvement. “I don’t have enough money in my budget to do that!” Nonsense! You can always whip up a quick e-book that provides valuable information regarding your industry (just be sure that it doesn’t include content that is overpowered by sales speak-keep it useful and value based), and give that away to all those who leave a comment.

Copy Cat

When in doubt, there is no shame in looking at what other successful websites and social marketers are doing. You can always stand on the shoulders of a few giants in order to get the best view of the most direct path to success for your business. And if maintaining originality is a true point of pride for you, you can simply use those success points that you observed from other successful social marketers and then use those as touch points to build off of and innovate your own ideas from.

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