Kodak Shares Social Media Tips For Business

One of the pioneers of photography has also been developing a social media expertise. Kodak is now sharing what it has learned from their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube experiences. Their new “Social Media Tips” is a great PDF designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business using cyber technology.

The concise handbook is loaded with insights, including 10 social media tips from Kodak’s Chief Blogger. The list has some well known tips and new perspectives. For example, many have already said, “posting frequently” but the KCB adds a new reason – if you don’t people will not tweet you.

One new tip in their top 10 is a recommendation to always reply to comments left on your blog, “even if it is just a few words”. The tip reflects Kodak’s belief that social media is not just for telling others about you, it’s to build relationships.

The Twitter Top 10 List includes Kodak’s recommendation of keeping an external approach to tweeting. They recommend reviewing the Dell (dell.com/twitter), Zappos (twitter.com/zappos), and Comcast (twitter.com/comcastcares).

Those that have resisted using social media to build business or have had an unsuccessful start will find a comprehensive step by step guide, including the recommendation of monitoring tools.

The resource is definitely designed as a business, not personal, approach to social networking. You will not learn how to find old friends or the love of your life. What you will learn is practical, useful, easy to follow steps and insight into branding yourself, developing a following, and building your business. You will even learn to get more out of trade shows.

Author Rick Weaver is President of Max Impact Corporation, a leadership and strategy development company. He offers more anecdotal leadership lessons in his book, “Life’s Leadership Lessons”, a collection of 53 anecdotes about his life. Rick reveals how the people, events, and things he has encountered in his life taught him valuable leadership lessons. The book is available in paperback, e-book, or a Kindle download. For more information or to download the first chapter to preview, visit: “Life’s Leadership Lessons”.

Author: Rick Weaver
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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