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I’ve been listening to hundreds of great Indie Music albums for a long time and i enjoy it so much. The genre has been an extremely loved genre of music over the last few decades and it’s not weird to see why it’s become so cherished by older kids and young adults from all over the continent and even over seas. The independent approach to music recording has become outrageously used by artists over the last few years and the style that Indie Music gives off really tells to listeners that this field of music is about being independent from the world and the major industries. Indie Music has been incredibly influential to hundreds of persons and in this article were going to teach you the best indie music albums and also some of the more influential indie music albums that have been published within the last 30 years. The Indie Music Albums are in order of release date.

“Hatful of Hollow”
The Smiths (1984, Rough Trade)

The lords of redoing, The Smiths released this compilation of rarities and other songs just weeks after their debut, self-titled record. “Hatful of Hollow” has many of the well known Smiths’ tracks, including the classics
“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now,” “Girl Afraid,” and “How Soon Is Now?”

“Let it Be” by The Replacements (1984, Twin/Tone)
The Replacements

The Little Band that Couldn’t, the Replacements were lovable ragtag misfits headed by the musical stud Paul Westerberg. “Let it Be” was a watershed release that greatly captured all that was brilliant about the Minneapolis group of four.

“Surfer Rosa” by the Pixies (1988, 4AD)

Nothing else has and ever will sound like it. Cited by Kurt Cobain as a monster influence, and it shows.

“Daydream Nation” by Sonic Youth (1988, Enigma)
Sonic Youth

Post-punk, art rock genius with the incredible indie anti-anthem, “Teenage Riot.”

“Slanted & Enchanted” by Pavement (1992, Matador)

Lo-fi, quirky, and imbued with a great sense of humor, “Slanted & Enchanted” set the way for the lo-fi indie revolution soon to begin.

“In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel (1998, Merge)
Neutral Milk Hotel

One writer likened this record to a “marching band on an acid trip.” Apt description, but it’s so much more. The tracks, the singing saws, the horns, the shambling rhythms, and the great poetry all add up to an album of great individuality. One of the best indie music albums of the ’90s.

I definitely suggest that you buy all of these great indie music albums. They will pump you up. These are the earliest and best albums that have been created and they started the independent music loving craze.

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Author: Lyle Measom
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