How Self Publishing on Kindle Can Boost Your Career in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible

How to self publish was a question with very few answers back in the days but now due to the platforms like the Kindle marketplace everybody, absolutely everybody can present his knowledge to the entire world through an ebook, report or magazine.

Gone are the days when all you had to do was to find a publisher which will evaluate your work and hopefully will include it in their rooster and launch sometimes after. Now, as long as you have something interesting to shout out to the world you can publish it in electronic format even from the comfort of your home.

Due to the mobile applications available in the market you can also make the same work available for many other gadgets and smartphones counting for a global audience aligned in front of your product.

Still, most of the actual buyers of ebooks don’t know and will not know how easy is to create or outsource the creation of your first ebook and start selling it online and keeping in the same time up to 70% of the selling price.

The self publishing platforms are excellent tools because they earn around 30% of the sales and have all the means to promote your work by gaining top positions in the search engines.

These sites are considered authority sites by the major search engines due to their stability, branding, awareness, high quality content and massive traffic so your content, once it is posted there is will benefit a lot. Of course, nobody says that it is not ok to also sell the ebook through your own website just that it will take you a lot of time and effort to match the search engine optimisation relevance gained by using the self publishing platforms.

The times are exciting for authors and the action takers will benefit the most from the new way the ebooks are sold worldwide. An important subject of discussion is the choice for a profitable niche as not all the niches have clients being ready to pay for your content. If you ebook is about something which is easy accessible for free over the internet then you cannot expect to have lots of potential buyers. But if your ebook is in a hot in demand niche, has its own angle and stands out from the competintion you have all the chances to bank massive sales.

Now, imagine that you are a wedding planner and also publish some ebooks about weddings how many clients can these book bring you. Basically, the actual ebook sales will mean potential clients for your wedding planning services. And this can be applied to virtually every industry. If you are an expert in something and also publish your own books then prepare to have a ton of new clients and be recognised as a savvy specialist which will absolute boost your awareness, consultancy gigs, speaking opportunities and all other good things related.

Next, one of the greatest resource you can use to publish and sell onlin content is Amazon’s platform where your content will be available to all Kindle users which have an installed base of a few millions and which also grows rapidly. is a fantastic video training package, a business in the box which will allow to to become a Kindle publisher in the shortest amount of time humanly possible. Also, for the reliable and affordable webhosting services please review the offer of Crystal Media Hosting

Author: Adrian Niculescu
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