Ebook Writing Tips – Your Primer on Self-Publishing Your Own Ebook Online!

The purpose of your ebook writing effort will determine your actions to go about it. Are you marketing a service, introducing yourself as an author or a subject matter expert? Be clear as to why you are choosing this method over others since you will find your motivation waning in the absence of clarity.

1. What’s it about?

What is the subject of your ebook about? Have you browsed the net for the availability of similar books and found them lacking in some way. Does your approach simplify or clarify to the reader what other books are not able to do? Scour the net for ebooks related to the subject and find a way to make your book stand out for its uniqueness or simplicity.

2. Evaluate your options

You could settle for being a regular article contributor or get yourself published in print. If you think that these are cumbersome or will not yield the desired results, define your expectations out of this endeavour. Ebooks that can be downloaded for free are popular with viewers however, if the reader has to pay for reading, it helps if you are a published author with a reputation for your style of writing.

3. What do you need?

Once you have decided to go ahead with ebook writing, understand your needs. A computer with software that helps writers is all you require. You might need to get your work edited and if you think it takes too long to make the whole effort alone, opt for freelance writing help.

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