Ebook Self Publish – Your Ultimate Guide

Electronic books are a dream come true for those who aspire to be authors and publish titles of their own. Before, getting your work published can be a very torturous process, in which you have no assurance that your book will actually see print. Now just about anyone can publish an e-book, which is considered a great alternative to traditional book publishing.

Self-publishing has its own set of advantages. The internet has made it very easy for an individual to publish his work. There is no need to look for a book agent and publisher. Your work will not be rejected in the classic sense, unlike the old days when you will receive rejection slips in the mail. With ebook self publish, even aspiring writers can produce a book and print it for the world to see. No need to be an established writer in order to have your output published.

Another advantage of e-books is that they are cheaper to produce compared to traditional books. The author gets total control of the writing, publishing and distribution process, from start to finish. There are no editors to contend with (unless you decide to hire one to proofread your work), no publishers to adjust to. You get to decide the cover design, the number of prints to be made and how the books will be marketed. You can choose from different formats and you can have your books published in either EXE, PDF or HTML. As for compiling the books, there are loads of software products available for this purpose.

The process of writing and self-publishing an e-book is fairly simple. First, you have to think of a really great subject which will interest readers. This is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of aspiring authors have a hard time looking for their niche when it comes to writing their books. Always remember that when it comes to e-books, niche is everything. You should write for a topic that people would be interested in and at the same time, has fewer competitors. Picking up a very popular topic means you have to compete with thousands of other writers who are selling the same subject.

The second step in ebook self publish is the writing itself. If you can write competitively, then you can do this yourself. If you are not that confident of your abilities, you can ask help from another writer who is competitive enough to write on your subject matter. Some people hire writers to ghost-write for them and naturally you have to shell out money for talent fees. It is much cheaper to do the actual writing yourself. You can just hire an editor if you want someone to check your work for spelling and grammar.

The third step is to convert your e-book into your preferred format. The most popular format today is PDF, which is recommended for smaller files. It is very easy to get a PDF program and have your file converted. For larger book files, you are better off using programs such as Book Generator.

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Author: Abdul Rahim
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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