Digital is the Future of Business Communications

Consumers the world over are shifting their preferences to electronic content. Companies of every kind see their customers going online to find product information, prices, reviews, comparisons, and make purchases. That’s why forward-looking organizations are moving to get ahead of this ePublishing trend by moving all of their publications, from annual reports, product catalogs and company brochures, to training manuals and partner agreements, online.

Online publishing for most people means a print document converted to a portable document format (PDF) file, but today’s online readers want a more engaging experience. The good news is that an innovative new wave of technology has emerged that makes reading digital content as easy and enjoyable as turning a page, but even more compelling, by incorporating feature-rich multi-media components.

A new and impressive generation of “flipping page” digital publishing technology is revolutionizing how people read online material, combining the familiarity of the traditional printed page with a dazzling array of electronic capabilities. Readers can actually flip the pages of the document with a swipe of their finger on a touch screen, or the click of a cursor.

Of course, not all flipping page solutions are alike. While some technologies use simple images and flash animation to mimic a digital turning page, the best of these new solutions utilize a more sophisticated approach that incorporates vector-graphics high-resolution images; supports zooming, audio, video, and hot links; and also allows readers to highlight, bookmark and make page notes on the electronic document.

Digital publishing vastly simplifies the job of building and managing any business in a number of ways. Once a document is digitized, the material can easily be customized with the company’s brand identity. Changes to technical documents, brochures and other materials can quickly and easily be made. A highly-secure Digital Publishing Platform can be configured to allow authorized managers, customers and partners to view key business documents, while preventing those materials from being printed, downloaded or changed in any way. The tremendous power of email lists and alerts, electronic newsletters, multimedia presentations and social media can be leveraged through digital publishing. Businesses can also creatively deploy online content to add value, open new revenue streams and attract lucrative new demographics.

Consumers are embracing the world of digital content. By understanding the trends and opportunities unique to ePublishing, businesses can position themselves to survive and profit in the era of digital content.

Monte Hamilton is the co-founder and Chief Development Officer of Perpetual Publishers and president of Hamilton Associates. He spent more than 20 years as an executive recruiter to Fortune 100 companies, recruiting mid-level and executive level financial and information technology specialists. Since 1994, he has been actively involved with Internet consulting. His previous experience also includes serving as director of franchise development for Las Vegas Discount Golf and Tennis, a 65-store chain, and as marketing development consultant for American Leak Detection.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Montana at Missoula.

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